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ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC35/WG6 - User Interface Accessibility

(previously called User Interfaces for People with Special Needs - - including children, the elderly, the permanently or temporarily disabled and people in constrained usaged environments)
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ISO/IEC   JTC1/SC35/WG6 is formed to develop user interfaces for people with special needs, including the elderly and disabled. Work is limited to the area of ISO/IEC JTC1.

The first work items were on icons and symbols, concentrated, but not limited, to visually and hearingly impaired persons. Newer work items are on framework to determine accessibility and on accessibility setting.

The working group ISO/IEC JTC1/SC35/WG6 is one of seven working groups for SC35 User Interfaces. More information on SC35 is at http://comelec.afnor.fr/iso/iso/ceijtc1sc35

WG6 started formally to work in 2002. It has not yet finally adopted any standards or TRs.

Work items

WG6 has the following work items. Commitments to participate are given from Canada, Finland, France, Japan, Korea, Sweden and USA. Other information available is:

If you want further information, or want to participate, please contact your national member body or one of the contact addresses of the WG.

2008-05-16: projects | internals | meetings | contacts

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