ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N940

		  Changes Made to the C99 Rationale
			     David Keaton
			      WG14 N940

General Changes:

1.  Changed C9X to C99.
2.  Hyphenated floating-point and bit-field for consistency with Standard.
3.  Typographical corrections as discovered.
4.  Attempted to improve pagination (a losing battle with Word).

Changes due to specific requests:

1.  Clarified signed zeros in  (Tydeman)
2.  There is no requirement that setjmp be a macro,  (Tydeman)
3.  Hex floating-point numbers in  (Tydeman, Benito)
4.  Clarified long long elaboration in 6.7.2.  (Japan, Meyers, Benito)
5.  Discussed padding bits in  (Tydeman, Benito)
6.  Incorrect table reference fixed in 6.5.5.  (Spicer)
7.  Fixed flexible arrays in  (Benito, Jones)

Changes not made:

1.  DR014 suggestion skipped due to C89/C99 differences.  (Tydeman, Benito)
    (Applying C89 DRs to C99 is still an open issue.)
2.  Attempted to update the index, but could not figure out what Word
    was doing to it in the time available.
3.  Did not complete changes in time for the intended review.