ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N933

                                         ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N933

Dear WG14 members,

The IEEE POSIX SSWG-RT plan to attempt standardization of the Interrupt Control
APIs as a free-standing POSIX (IEEE 1003) standard, one that does not
modify the base 1003.1 standard, current or future.  The first issued
document, WG14 N934 on InterruptControl, contains the originally normative text that
fell out of IEEE Std 1003.1d during balloting, and will be the basis for
our future effort.  We understand that the Hardware I/O chapter of the
upcoming ISO C standard is related, and wish to invite comment on Interrupt
Control from the same Working Group as is developing C.

Also issued is WG14 N935, a document on DeviceControl, which also fell out of IEEE
Std 1003.1d during balloting, but is now the base document for P1003.26
Device Control, an authorized POSIX project, and we invite comment here as

The members of WG14 is hereby invited to comment directly to the chair of
the IEEE POSIX SSWG-RT group, Joe Gwinn at . This is not
a formal ballot, merely the informal collection of issues, so there are no rules
other than the usual that for every negative comment a proposed resolution
is needed, and that the comment should specify document and precise
line number range to which the comment applies, to aid SSWG-RT in
understanding the comments.

On behalf of Joe Gwinn

Keld Simonsen