ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N806

Document Number: WG14 N806

Date: 20-Jan-1998

C9X Rationale Status

This version of the Rationale has been generated with an ISO recommended 
Editor (MS Word).  Line numbers have been added to help in the review.   
Also, the diagram in the MSE text is now part of the document, although 
I am not pleased with the way the diagram looks, see known problems below.  
All, or most all, of the C9X headers have been added-lots of them are empty.

This version of the Rationale has not been through a review, the review 
is going to take place at the Colorado meeting.  

Below are a summary of what has been added, and some of the known problems.

Version 4 of the C9X Rationale contains the following:
 * The John Mashey long long text,
 * Signed integer divide,
 * Tag compatibility,
 * // comments,
 * snprintf and vsnprintf,
 * restrict keyword added to library prototypes,
 * disallow implicit int,
 * rationale text from N692,
 * rationale text from N504,
 * Pragma operator from N634,
 * Standard Pragmas from N631,
 * Compound literal rationale from N716,
 * Adjustment to translation phases from N673,
 * C9X Revision Charter text,
 * A line number every five lines,
 * Miscellaneous fixes.

Known problems in Version 4:
 * Diagram A1 is small and hard to read,
 * MSE Rationale is still an Annex, I am not sure how to break this 
   text up to fit the current structure,
 * Postscript generated by MS Word is enormous,
 * The first five paragraphs of the SCOPE need to be reworded, more like 
   background than scope.
 * Fifth bullet in should be removed,
 * Translation limits not updated-my action item,
 * Some of the change bars indicate changes created by moving the document to 
   MS Word, these are not really changes to the text,
 * Change bars appear magically in the TOC.