ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N777

                 Document Number:  WG14 N777/J11 97-141

                               C9X Revision Proposal

       Title: File position indicator after fgetc failure

       Author: Fred J. Tydeman
       Author Affiliation: Tydeman Consulting
       Postal Address: 3711 Del Robles Dr., Austin, TX 78727-1814
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       Telephone Number: +1 (512) 255-8696
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       Sponsor: NCITS/J11
       Date: 1997-09-25
       Document History: N/A.
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       Area of Standard Affected:
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          __ Preprocessor
          _Y Library
             __ Macro/typedef/tag name
             _Y Function
             __ Header
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       Target Audience: All users.
       Related Documents (if any):  SC22WG14.2615__________________
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       Abstract: Have fgetc advance the file position indicator if
       and only if it obtains a character.


       In The fgetc Function and in The fgetwc

       change in the description:

       "... and advances the associated file position indicator for
       the stream (if defined)."


       "... and advances the associated file position indicator for
       the stream (if defined) if and only if the next [wide]
       character was present."


       In previous email to the WG14 reflector, around June, 1996,
       several of us agreed that fgetc was unclear about the file
       position indicator if end-of-file or error indicator was set
       by fgetc and that a DR should be done.  As far as I know,
       no one did that DR.  This is my suggested fix to the problem.

       This fix appears to not conflict with footnote 165 in 7.12.3
       Files: "Setting the file position indicator to end-of-file,
       as with fseek(file,0,SEEK_END), has undefined behavior for a
       binary stream (because of possible trailing null characters)