ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N733


                    New formats for strftime()
                          Clive D.W. Feather


Among other matters, paper N715 proposed several new conversion
specifiers for strftime() in When considering the paper,
WG14 decided that the only parts of interest were certain of these
specifiers. This proposal adds them to the draft.


In (strftime()), add the following items in the correct
alphabetical position in paragraph 3:

   %f   is replaced by the weekday as a decimal number (1-7), where
        Monday is 1 (the ISO 8601 weekday number).
   %F   is equivalent to "%Y-%m-%d" (the ISO 8601 date format).
   %T   is equivalent to "%H:%M:%S" (the ISO 8601 time format).
   %V   is replaced by the ISO 8601 week number of the year (weeks
        begin on a Monday, and week 1 is the week that includes both
        January 4th and the first Thursday of the year) as a decimal
        number (00-53).

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