ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N688

                          Document Number:  WG14 N688/X3J11 __-___
                               C9X Revision Proposal
       Title: <inttypes.h> namespace issues________________________
       Author: Peter Seebach_______________________________________
       Author Affiliation: ________________________________________
       Postal Address: 3949 Lyndale Avenue South, Minneapolis MN 55409
       E-mail Address: seebs@solon.com_____________________________
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       Sponsor: Peter Seebach______________________________________
       Date: 1997-05-17____________________________________________
       Proposal Category:
          __ Editorial change/non-normative contribution
          __ Correction
          Y_ New feature
          __ Addition to obsolescent feature list
          __ Addition to Future Directions
          __ Other (please specify)  ______________________________
       Area of Standard Affected:
          __ Environment
          __ Language
          __ Preprocessor
          Y_ Library
             __ Macro/typedef/tag name
             Y_ Function
             __ Header
          __ Other (please specify)  ______________________________
       Prior Art: 4.4BSD, some unknown number of vendors.__________
       Target Audience: Programmers that use strtok._______________
       Related Documents (if any): ________________________________
       Proposal Attached: Y_ Yes __ No, but what's your interest?

       It is dangerous for future standardization to reserve a small,
       fixed set of names in a header that would be a likely candidate for
       future expansion in a new version of C.
       Insert a new paragraph, to be somewhere around 7.19.2,

	7.19.2 Integral types <inttypes.h>

	Type names beginning with 'int' or 'uint' and ending in _t
	may be added to the types defined in the <inttypes.h> header.
	Macro names beginning with 'INT' or 'UINT' and ending in '_MAX'
	or '_MIN', or macro names beginning with 'PRI' or 'SCN' followed
	by any printf or scanf format character suitable for formatting
	integer-typed objects, may be added to the macros defined in the
	<inttypes.h> header.

       (Apologies if I missed anything, or painted with too broad a brush.)

       This will leave C2K room for int128_t, int_nearly64_t, and
       whatever other things become desirable in the future.  It will
       also leave room for implementors to extend the standard in a
       reasonable and comprehensible fashion.

       It would be nice if we could specify that the new typedefs need
       to have the "obvious" meanings, but I am unable to see how to
       phrase this request.