ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N662

                C9x Draft #8 Issues        WG14 N662 J11/97-025            1

         			C9x Draft #8 Issues
         			   Rex Jaeschke
         These notes were recorded at the Kona, Hawaii meeting during
         the walk-through of C9x Draft 8.
         General issues
         1) Make sure all comments in code are set in italics.
         2) Footnote superscripts should follow any punctuation, not
         precede it.
         3) Force footnote text to be on same page as references to
         4) Check use of Example vs Examples subhead.
         Specific page references
         pp. Introduction [Seymour]
         Introduction: [6] clause 7 becomes 6,  [7] clause 8 becomes
         7. (done) 
         pp. 2 [Nestor]
         3.6 [1] Definition of Constraint
         Change start of sentence to be "Restrictions, both syntactic
         and semantic, by which the exposition ..."
         pp. 2 [Martin]
         Add ISO 2382 and IEC559 to normative references list.
         pp. 3 [Seebach]
         3.15 [1] Exclude padding from the bytes being discussed
         here. Seymour will write a paper for London.
         pp. 11 [MacDonald]
         pp -3, bad break in a + b expression.
         In [...,...] put space after comma.
         pp. 18 [Gwyn]
                C9x Draft #8 Issues        WG14 N662 J11/97-025            2

         Values in limits.h should be aligned consistently.
         pp. 19 [MacDonald/Seymour]
         [3] spacing issue at front, ",and" should be ", and" and
         "and" should be in roman.
         [4] right-justify digit column
         footnote 12: For example , if [FLT_EVAL_METHOD] is 1 ...
         footnote 13: fesetround needs font change
         pp. 20 [MacDonald]
         [5] misc typesetting issues.
         pp. 22 [MacDonald]
         2. change ANSI/IEEE ref to IEC559.
         pp. 26 [MacDonald]
         [2] "complex" needs font change
         [2] Change last sentence to "... but not otherwise; if the
         header is included, then any use of the token *complex*
         prior to the first inclusion results in undefined
         pp. 30 [Seymour]
         [3] Change "." to "," on line 2.
         pp. 32 [MacDonald]
         [16] and [17] need overhauling. Walls/Thomas papers address
         pp. 33 [Seymour]
         footnote 23: remove parenthetical remark and move footnote
         to a definition in clause 3.
         [18] "type domain" to be in italics.
         pp. 36 [Tydeman]
         hex-fractional-constants formatting issue. Addressed by Walls
                C9x Draft #8 Issues        WG14 N662 J11/97-025            3

         pp. 37 [Martin]
         [5] Replace with the following text:
         The implementation emits a diagnostic if a hexadecimal
         constant cannot be represented exactly in its evaluation
         format. Emitting such a diagnostic should not prevent a
         valid program from being correctly translated.
         pp. 38 [Seymour]
         [1] syntax needs long long fixed (done).
         pp. 41 [Seymour]
         [12] 3. Change this para to the following:
         Even if eight bits are used for objects that have type char,
         the construction '\x123' specifies an integer character
         constant containing only one character, since a hexadecimal
         escape sequence is terminated only by a nonhexadecimal
         character. To specify an integer character constant
         containing the two characters whose values are '\x12' and
         '3', the construction '\0223' may be used, since an octal
         escape sequence is terminated after three octal digits.
         (The value of this two-character integer character constant
         is implementation-defined also.)
         pp. 43 [Seymour]
         [7] need single quotes around \x12.
         pp. 46 [Nestor]
         [2] add p, P, and +/-.
         pp. 48 [Martin/Thomas]
          Add a new sentence to para 2: "If the value being
         converted is outside the range of values that can be
         represented, the behavior is undefined."
         pp. 49 [MacDonald]
         [1] typesetting issues. longdouble. (done)
         pp. 57 [Seymour]
         [6] line 2, add a "," after "argument".
         pp. 61 [MacDonald]
         footnote: remove paragraph number (done)
                C9x Draft #8 Issues        WG14 N662 J11/97-025            4

         pp. 66 [MacDonald]
         footnote: remove paragraph number. (done)
         pp. 68 [MacDonald]
         [5] line -2, change "higher" to "greater".
         pp. 69 [MacDonald/Thomas]
         [3] last sentence. Make the following insertion: "... Any
         two values of arithmetic types [from different
         type-domains] are equal ..."
         pp. 73 [Tydeman]
         [8] Make table more obviously a table by adding vertical
         pp. 87 [Plum]
         Paragraph numbers in examples not consistently
         pp. 88 [Seymour]
         [2] Replace "same specifiers list of qualifier list" with
         "same specifier-qualifier-list". Change "shall be" to "is".
         Move [2] after the first sentence in semantics.
         pp. 89 [Nestor]
         [9] Move last sentence outside of parenthetical remark.
         pp. 91 [Martin]
         3. Make arrays d and e static so they are initialized.
         pp. 100 [Seymour]
         [1] Change "designation-opt" to "designation" with opt as a
         pp. 102 [Seymour]
         [12] line 2, make "subobject" plural.
         pp. 104 [Martin]
         Change the type of all float arrays in examples to int to
         match the type of the values in the init list. Simply a
                C9x Draft #8 Issues        WG14 N662 J11/97-025            5

         style issue.
         pp. 117 [Seymour]
         [3] Add "type" to the end.
         pp. 121 [MacDonald]
         pragma operator is missing from the syntax. MacDonald will
         write a paper for London.
         pp. 126 [Tydeman]
         [2, 3] Italicize "lparen".
         [3] should be changed according to the direction given in
         TC2, to be like [2].
         pp. 129 [Tydeman]
         [4] Replace ## with hash_hash.
         pp. 132 [Seebach]
         6. Change FTN prefix to something more indicative of
         function, such as FUN; editor to chose.
         pp. 134 [Martin]
         __STDC_VERSION__, make discussion of 199409L a footnote for
         historical reference purposes. Make new value of this macro
         be 199901L.
         pp. 135 [Seymour]
         [1] make \ be \\. Also "user" should be "unary". "replacing"
         is misspelled.
         pp. 137 [Meyers]
         7.1.1 [3] "setlocale typeset incorrectly as setlocal with
         superscript of a degree or some such symbol.
         pp. 138 [Tydeman]
         [2] Add complex.h and fenv.h to this list.
         pp. 143 [Seymour]
         Strike last example now that we don't allow implicit
         function declarations.
         pp. 152 [Martin]
                C9x Draft #8 Issues        WG14 N662 J11/97-025            6

         7.4.8 [1] Make examples consistent with limits.h
         w.r.t. to specifying values for the macros. The numerical
         values should be in roman.
         pp. 153 [Martin]
         line 2, change 65536U to 65535U.
         pp. 154 [Walls]
         7.4.10 [1] Replace "of of" with "of".
         pp. 155 [Seebach]
         Gwyn will write a paper for London to clean up this whole
         pp. 163 [Seymour]
         int_frac_digits: change "a" to "an".
         pp. 165 [Seymour]
         In the table at top, the entry for Switzerland has
         formatting problems.  The second column runs into the
         third. Split between C and CHF.
         pp. 166 [Tydeman]
         [3] footnote 123 reference has too much space.
         pp. 168 [Seymour]
         line 2, spacing issue. (Walls paper)
         pp. 176 [Seymour]
          [2] Fix/remove HU typesetting command.
         pp. 178 [Seymour]
          [2] Change "2x" to "2^x". Remove space in front of
         footnote reference.
          [2] Change "ex" to "e^x".
         Make "e" italic in all base-e.
         pp. 179 [Seymour]
         line 2, [3] Change "ex" to "e^x".
                C9x Draft #8 Issues        WG14 N662 J11/97-025            7

 [2] Replace em dash with a minus sign. (Two
         pp. 180 [Seymour]
          Fix ...RADIXn in two places.
         pp. 182 [Seymour]
         Last line, change "loge" to "log subscript e". Change g to
         gamma symbol.  Also in the previous paragraph.
         pp. 184 [Seymour]
          [3] longint becomes long int. (Walls paper)
         pp. 187 [Seymour]
          [2] line 2, formatting issue.
         pp. 190 [Seymour]
          [3] footnote 136: move to [3].
         7.6.13 [1] Add em dashes around phrase that currently has
         what looks like a hyphen.
         pp. 191 [Martin]
          [2] Bad spacing.
         pp. 194 [Seymour]
         7.7 [1] line -1 longdouble becomes long double, same in
         footnote 138.
         pp. 195 [Seymour]
          [1, 2] Annex numbers are wrong.
         line 4, delete sentence that begins "When inside a compound
         statement ..."
         pp. 196 [Seymour]
          [3] End of sentence, formatting issue. (done)
         pp. 201 [Seymour]
          [2, 3] "xy" becomes "x^y".
         pp. 214 [Seymour]
                C9x Draft #8 Issues        WG14 N662 J11/97-025            8

         2nd bullet, remove the name of the standard and say defined
         that this is defined in this subclause just like the
         previous bullets.
         pp. 234 [Martin]
         footnote 165: The list of functions is incomplete so after
         the first two or three, add ", etc."
         pp. 254 [Seymour]
         [3] after 2nd bullet, text missing (in Walls paper).
         0x needs a font change.
         pp. 266 [Martin]
          [1] argument should have type long long int.
         pp. 292 [Tydeman]
          [2] line 2, L'  ' should be L' '.
         pp. 302 [Martin/Benito]
         In subclause , page 302, # conversion
         specification, second sentence change:
         For o conversion, it increases the precision to force the
         first digit of the results to be a zero, if necessary.
         For o conversion, it increases the precision, if and only if
         necessary, to force the first digit of the result to be a
         In subclause, page 306, paragraph [9], second
         sentence change:
         An input item is defined as the longest sequence of input
         wide characters, not exceeding any specified field width,
         which is, or is a prefix of, a matching sequence.
         An input item is defined as the longest sequence of input
         wide characters which does not exceed any specified field
         width and which is, or if a prefix of, a matching input
                C9x Draft #8 Issues        WG14 N662 J11/97-025            9

         In subclause, page 309, New paragraph after
         paragraph [18]:
         If  conversion terminates on a conflicting input character,
         the offending input character is left unread in the input
         [footnote] Same footnote as footnote 165, page 234 - as
         changed in another edit.
         pp. 323 [Martin]
         Change "to to" to "to".
         pp. 369 [Seymour]
         [1] The long long macros are missing.
         pp. 371 [Martin]
         F.2 [1] bullet 3, formatting problems (in Walls paper)
         pp. 410 [Seymour]
         I.2 2nd bullet. Qualify that this should only apply to a
         hosted environment.
         pp. 412 [Tydeman]
         5th bullet from bottom, change "type-qualifier" to "type
         pp. 415 [Thomas]
         4th bullet. add conversion specifiers a, A, and F to the
         list 5th bullet. add conversion specifiers a, A, and F to
         the list 6th bullet. add conversion specifiers a, A, and F
         to the list 9th bullet. add conversion specifier a to the
         pp. 416 [Tydeman]
         3rd bullet, This entry is out of order w.r.t. section
         numbers. Also, the last reference should be