ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N603

				Document number: WG14 N603 (X3J11/96-067)

Title:	Status of approved proposals for C9X
Author: Douglas Walls
Date:	September 9, 1996

Below find the status of approved proposals for inclusion in C9X, i.e.
proposals at Stages 3-6.  The proposal numbers represent the last
papers seen by the committee on this proposal.  The dates represent the
meeting date at which the proposal was approved.  The current C9X draft
as of the Amsterdam (6/96) meeting is draft 6.

Proposals approved and already included in C9X draft 6, stage 5:

 N448 (10/95) Restricted pointers
 N472 (10/95) Designated initializers
 N548 (2/96)  Empty arguments in macro replacement
		The review committee found a problem with the rules
		for concatenation of empty macro arguments, ##.  I believe
                this will be the subject of a seperate proposal from
                Fred Tydeman.
 N401 (2/96)  <inttypes.h>
                The part of this paper dealing with strtomax & strtoumax
                was not included in C9X draft 6.  The review committee has
                approved wording since the Amsterdam (6/96) meeting.
                A paper with this wording should come before the committee,
                it may also have been forwarded to the Redactor for inclusion
                in draft 7, I do not know if this has happened.

Proposals approved prior to the Amsterdam (6/96) meeting, and reassigned
at the Amsterdam meeting to stage 3:

 N519 (2/96)  VLA's  -  
		Tom is resubmitting entire proposal to fix problems
		with about sequence points in declarators.

 N452 (10/95) Signed integer division
                Final words being redrafted, Full committee needs to
                see these for final approval to stage 4.

 N496 (2/96)  Compound Literals
		Reviewed and approved by review committee.
		Arrangements made with Redactor to apply changes to
		Draft 7 of C9X.

 N481 (2/96)  // comments
		Review committee has yet to see any words.  Final words
		need to come back to the full committee for approval to
		stage 4.

 N522 (2/96)  Tag compatibility
		Final words as seen by the full committee approved by
		the review committee.  The review committee has asked
		the Redactor to include them in C9X draft 7.

Proposals approved at the Amsterdam (6/96) meeting to stage 3:

  N572 (6/96) long long support
  N546 (6/96) Floating Point C Extensions
  N546 (6/96) Floating Point C Extensions IEC 559 Annex
  N557 (6/96) Complex C Extensions
  N557 (6/96) Complex C Extensions Imaginary types IEC 559, informative Annex
  N565 (6/96) New pragma definition
  N566 (6/96) Restricted pointer use in library function definitions
  N504 (6/96) Make va_list and fpos_t object types

Proposals approved for inclusion as is at the Amsterdam meeting, stage 4:

  N505 (6/96) Make qualifiers idempotent
		Final words for this proposal appear in the Amsterdam
		meeting minutes

Reminder of what the stages mean:

From N556 and N585 discussed and accepted at the June 96, Amsterdam
meeting, as the process for adopting C9X changes:

Stage 1 = proposal w/o technical details requesting interest from WG14
          for development of a technical proposal.

Stage 2 = technical proposal, ready for consideration by WG14.

Stage 3 = principally accepted, for inclusion into C9X.  At this stage
          the exact C9X changes must be drafted and edited by the
          review committee.  After review, the final C9X changes are
          to be included in a mailing for final approval by WG14 for
          inclusion into the C9X draft.

Stage 4 = accepted by WG14 for inclusion as is into C9X.  The proposal
          contains the specific editing instructions to change the C9X
	  draft, and is ready to be included in the next C9X draft.

Stage 5 = changes applied to the latest C9X draft.

Stage 6 = verified by the review committee as being correctly applied
	  in the C9X draft.