ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22/WG14 N1070

Document: WG14 N1070
Date:     10-Aug-2004

It is an honour to invite ISO/IEC SC22/WG14 and ISO/IEC SC22/WG21 to have
 their meetings in Lillehammer April 2005.

We have reserved 20 single rooms, with full boarding, from Sunday April 3. to 
Friday April 8. an Radisson SAS Lillehammer Hotel

We have reserved a meeting room for 20 persons (tables in U-shape) from 
Monday 09.00 to Friday 14.00 and two meeting rooms for 10 people from 
Monday 09.00 to Friday 14.00

We have reserved 50 single rooms for 50 persons from Sunday April 10. to 
Friday April 15. at Radisson SAS Lillehammer Hotel ( )

We have reserved a meeting room for 50 persons (class room shape) from 
Monday 09.00 to Friday 14.00 and to meeting rooms for 25 persons in class 
room shape from Monday 09.00 to Friday 14.00

The SAS Radisson Lillehammer hotel gives you a wireless internet connection. 
Standard Norway will arrange the ISO TC 184/SC4 Industrial Data (or STEP) 
meeting on Lillehammer hotel in February/March and see this as a test of the 

Lillehammer is situated north of Oslo. The most convenient will be to fly inn 
to OSL, Oslo Airport, on Saturday/Sunday and reach Lillehammer by train. 
The different possibilities are described on

The price is NOK 995 pro night/day for single rooms

The price in double room is NOK 795 pp

This includes conference facilities, room and dinner on arriving day to lunch 
on departing day (not including what you drink) e.g. breakfast and two 

For rooms/breakfast up to (before or after) the meeting(s) you will have a 
rate on NOK 895 on single rooms and NOK 695 pp in chaired rooms.

Delegates not staying at the hotel will have to pay NOK 390 for every meeting 
day. This includes lunch with tea/coffee, part of meeting room facilities and 
coffee/tea breaks with cookies.

All prices are in NOK-2004. If there will be new taxes, and/or price regulations 
there can be small changes.

All reservations have to be done to Standard Norway by me Knut Lindelien 

We must have an early cut off date for reservations and ask all delegates to 
register before the end of 2004.

Other information needed?? - do not hesitate to contact me on mail.