Request to Make a Technical Report Freely Available on the Web

Prepared by James W. Moore, Convener ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9
14 June 2001

Resolution 40-8 of the 18 May 2001 meeting of WG9 requests that JTC1 act to make ISO/IEC TR 15942 freely available on the web. Criteria for free availability are provided by two sources: JTC1 Sendai Resolution 32 and document JTC1 N 5165. For convenience of reference, the relevant portions of those items are reproduced below [I have added emphasis]:

Resolution 32 Criteria for Making Standards Freely Available on the Web

JTC 1 agrees with the proposed criteria from ITTF in document N 5165 but recommends that the following additional publications should be available free of charge on the WWW:

1. Standards that are merely references (pointers) to other documents e.g. developed outside JTC1;

2. Standards for which authorized identical documents are freely available in electronic format elsewhere;

3. Technical Reports type 1, 2 and 3;

4. Technical Corrigenda

JTC1 N 5165 (excerpts):

Draft Proposed Criteria for Making ISO and ISO/IEC Standards Available on the World Wide Web

At its meeting in September 1997, the ISO Council requested that JTC1 propose a policy as to which types of standards can be made available free of charge The following is proposed:

1) Standards or other similar publications which explain the inter-relationships between standards, i.e. principally documents recognized as reference models, which can serve to promote the work of JTC1 and might be expected to result in increased sales of the referenced standards, may be made available free of charge on the World Wide Web (ISO Online) subject to a JTC1 decision requesting such action.

ISO/IEC TR 15942, Information technology -- Programming languages -- Guide for the use of the Ada programming language in high integrity systems, was developed in SC222/WG9, approved by JTC1, and ultimately published 1 March 2000. The Report references various verification and analysis techniques that are required in the development of high-integrity software and explains the suitability of the techniques for use in the development of systems coded in Ada. The selected techniques are described in 25 standards listed in the Bibliography, eight of which are ISO, IEC or ISO/IEC standards.

Although satisfaction of either set of criteria would suffice, Technical Report 15942 qualifies for free availability under both sets of criteria. TR 15942 qualifies under the criteria provided by Resolution 32 because it is a Technical Report. It qualifies under the criteria of JTC1 N 5165 because it explains inter-relationships among the referenced standards and thereby serves to promote the work of JTC1 possibly leading to increased sales of the referenced standards.

In accordance with the criteria referenced above, WG9 requests that JTC1 act to make TR 15942 freely available on an appropriate web site.