ISO/ IEC JTC1/SC22 N1706

Resolutions passed 

Resolution A:  Division of POSIX projects 14515 and 22.21 

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 approves the division of project 14515, POSIX test
methods, as shown below, and the further division of work within project
22.21, POSIX, to separate batch service amendments for all three parts of
this document (shell and utility, System API and System Administration), so
that the full programme of work for WG15 POSIX becomes

         Project #            Title   

        9945-0 POSIX Language Independent Specification
     System Interface [LIS]

        9945-1 System Interface
     C Language binding
     Real time extensions   
    Real time extensions threads 
  Transparent file access
  Protocol independent interface
  Directory services     
     Batch services         
           22.39          Extensions to base     
           22.40          Extensions to real time
           22.42          Security amendment     

        9945-2 Shell & Utilities
     Shell & Utilities base
     User Portability Extension
     Batch services
           22.41          Additional utilities  
           22.43          Security Amendment    

        xxxxx System Administration
     System Administration Overview 
     Batch Services        
     Print Services        
     Software Administration
     User & Group Administration

        Language Bindings
     Ada Language binding  
     Fortran Language binding 

        Guide/Technical Reports
           22.38          TR Guide to POSIX OSE 
        Test Methods
           22.37  CD13210 Test Methods        

           14515 Test Methods for POSIX base standards 
            14515-1       System Interface Test Methods
              1.01        Initial System API {TM for}
              1.02        Real time extensions {TM for}
            14515-2 Shell & Utilities Test Methods
                {TM for and as one document}

Resolution B:  NP, Guide for POSIX national profiles and locales


      notes that not all national body comments have been incorporated in
      the new work item proposal in document N1625, Guide for POSIX
      national profiles and national locales;  and

      instructs WG15 - POSIX to submit a revised version of this NP to the
      SC22 secretariat for a consultative letter ballot.

Resolution C: Invitation to CEN/TC304


      recognises the interest within the subcommittee in establishing a
      working arrangement with CEN/TC304, based on the "Vienna Agreement"; 
      and therefore 

      invites CEN/TC304 to designate up to two individuals to attend 
      meetings of SC22 and its WGs, with particular reference to WG15 -
      POSIX and to WG20 - Internationalization.

Resolution D:  Appointment of project editors

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 confirms the appointment of the following project

      Mr Richard Maine, for the 1995 revision of IS 1539:1991 Fortran;
      Mr Craig Schaffert, for Language Independent Arithmetic Part 1;
      Mr. Paul Rabin, for WG11 - Language Independent Service     
      Mr Jon Spencer, for WG15 - POSIX projects;  and
      Mr Kent Pitman, for WG16 - Lisp.

Resolution E1:  Reappointment of WG conveners


      confirms the reappointment of the following WG conveners:

      Dr Leroy Dickey, for WG3 - APL;
      Mr Mark Woodman, for WG13 - Modula-2;
      Mr Roger Scowen, for WG17 - Prolog;

      confirms the reappointment of the following WG conveners, subject to
      endorsement by their national body:

      Ms Ann Wallace, for WG4 - Cobol;
      Dr P.J. Plauger, for WG14 - C;  
      Mr Jim Isaak, for WG15 - POSIX;  and

      appoints Ms Jeanne Martin as acting convener for WG5 - Fortran, until
      a successor can be identified and appointed.

Resolution E2:  Reappointment of convener of WG16 - Lisp


      confirms the reappointment of Mr Christian Queinnec as convener of
      WG16 - Lisp;  but

      nevertheless expresses concern at the inadequate communication
      between the WG16 convener and SC22, as indicated for example by the
      absence from this meeting either of the convener himself, or of
      another active member of WG16 as his alternate.

Resolution F:  CD Registration of POSIX Test Methods


Resolution G:  Expediting IS publication


      notes with concern the comments by the convener of WG18 - FIMS on the
      delays in publication of ISO/IEC 11730 which occurred after the
      successful DIS ballot; 

      requests its chairman to raise this matter at the Subcommittee
      Chairmen's Forum to be held in conjunction with the forthcoming
      Geneva JTC1 Plenary meeting, with the goal of eliminating such delays
      in the future; and

      instructs its secretariat to inform the appropriate WG convener of
      the publication of each standard, immediately on being informed of
      that publication, and also to notify SC22 to that effect.

Resolution H:  Establishment of WG22 - PCTE

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 notes with pleasure the successful outcome of the ballot
resolution meeting for DIS 13719 Portable Common Tools Environment (PCTE)
in Geneva, and assigns project 22.47 to a new working group, WG22 - PCTE,
with the following terms of reference:

      to maintain and develop the three parts of the ISO/IEC 13719 PCTE

      to develop further standards, complementary to that standard

and directs WG22 - PCTE to establish appropriate working relationships with
other organisations involved in PCTE development, such as ECMA/TC33;  and 
to establish liaisons with other JTC1 bodies that are working in related
fields, such as SC21/WG3 - Database and SC7/WG11 - Software engineering
data description.

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 further

      accepts the offer of France for the nomination of Mr Rgis Minot as
      convener of WG22 - PCTE;

      accepts the offer of UK for the nomination of Mr John Dawes as
      project editor for WG22 - PCTE;

      and, subject to endorsement by a national body, accepts the ECMA
      proposal to provide the secretariat of WG22 - PCTE.

Resolution I:  Disbandment of WG2 - Pascal


      notes that the work of WG2 - Pascal has now essentially been comple-

      therefore disbands WG2 with effect from 1995-04-30; and 

      accepts the offer from the US member body to undertake the future
      maintenance of the Pascal standards with effect from 1995-05-01, and
      requests the US to nominate a project editor.

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 expresses its warm thanks to all present and past members
of WG2 - Pascal, and in particular to David Joslin for his services as

Resolution J:  Subdivision of APL projects

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 authorises the subdivision of projects 22.09 APL and
22.24.01 Extended APL to allow the production of amendments on use of
ISO/IEC 10646-1:1993, as follows:

22.09.01  Programming language APL
22.09.02  Character repertoire of APL
22.24.01  Programming language Extended APL
22.24.02  Character repertoire of Extended APL

Resolution K:  Fortran 95 CD

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 authorises concurrent ballots for CD registration and CD
approval of the revision of ISO/IEC 1539:1991 Fortran ("Fortran 95") and
instructs its secretariat to circulate the ballots accordingly.

Resolution L:  (Moved to resolution S)

Resolution M:  Disbandment of WG8 - Basic


      notes that the work of WG8 - Basic has now been completed;

      therefore disbands WG8 with immediate effect; and 

      appoints Professor Tom Kurtz as project editor for the Basic stand-

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 expresses its warm thanks to all present and past members
of WG8 - Basic, and in particular to Tom Kurtz for his services as conve-

Resolution N:  Disbandment of WG18 - FIMS


      notes with regret that the number of active participants in WG18 -
      FIMS has fallen to a level which renders WG18 no longer viable;

      therefore disbands WG18 with immediate effect; 

      removes from its programme of work the FIMS projects 22.27.03
      (intermediate subset), 22.27.04 (Fortran binding), and 22.27.05
      (Ada binding); 

      appoints Dr Dan Frantz as project editor for the remaining FIMS
      projects, 22.27.01 (FIMS) and 22.27.02 (COBOL binding);  and

      invites the US member body to submit any future US FIMS standards for
      fast-track processing.

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 expresses its warm thanks to all present and past members
of WG18 - FIMS, and in particular to Dan Frantz for his services as conve-

Resolution O:  WG19:  assignment of Z project and change of title


      notes with pleasure that the interim assignment of project 22.45
      (Specification Language Z) to WG19 - VDM-SL has worked successfully,
      and with tangible benefits to both projects;

      reconfirms this project assignment to WG19 on a permanent basis;

      changes the title of WG19 to "Formal Specification Languages";  and

      amends WG19's terms of reference to read "develop and coordinate the
      content of ISO standards for formal specification languages within
      the scope of SC22".

Resolution P1:  WG20 - Internationalization, PDTR 

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 approves the PDTR registration of a revised version
(equivalent to WG20/N277R) of N1644, Framework and requirements for
internationalization, as PDTR 11017.

Resolution P2:  WG20 - Internationalization, liaison

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 appoints Mr Keld Simonsen as liaison from WG20 -
Internationalization to ISO TC37/SC2/WG3.

Resolution Q:  Use of IT in JTC1

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 instructs its secretariat to forward document DH11-Rev2
concerning JTC1 N3034, "JTC1 Strategy for Implementation of Information
Technology", to JTC1 for its consideration at the October 1994 plenary
meeting, Ad Hoc Group C.

(N.B. JTC1 N3034 was distributed to SC22 as N1624.)

Resolution R:  1994 periodic review of SC22 standards 

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22, having taken into account the views expressed in
document N1649, affirms its decisions regarding the periodical review of
standards, and makes the following recommendations to JTC1:

      that ISO/IEC 9496:1989 CHILL be revised (it is noted that a revised
      version has already been submitted by ITU-T for JTC1 fast-track
      that ISO/IEC 6373:1989 Minimal BASIC be withdrawn;  and
      that ISO/IEC 8485:1989 APL be confirmed.

Resolution S:  1995 periodical review of SC22 standards

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 makes the following recommendations:

      that ISO/IEC 9899:1990 C be revised;
      that ISO/IEC 9945-1:1990 POSIX System Interface be revised;
      that ISO/IEC 6160:1987 PL/I be confirmed;
      that ISO/IEC 7846:1985, Industrial Real Time Fortran, be withdrawn;
      that ISO/IEC 7185:1990 Pascal be confirmed;  and
      that ISO/IEC TR 10034:1990, Guidelines for the preparation of
      conformity clauses in programming language standards, be confirmed.

Resolution T:  Continuation of projects


      notes that the projects itemised below have exceeded the statutory
      time for proceeding from WD to CD stage;

      notes, however, that significant progress has been made on these
      projects, and there is no reason to suppose that they will not be

      having reviewed the situation in each case, accepts the explanations
      that have been presented by the respective WG conveners for why
      further time is needed in the case of these lengthy and complex
      documents;  and therefore

      authorises the extension by one year of the time permitted for
      proceeding from the WD to the CD stage, for the following projects:       POSIX system interface (LIS)    Transparent file access    Protocol independent interface    Directory services
      22.30.01          Framework for internationalization       Functionality for internationalization
      22.32             C++

Resolution U:  Division of work for functionality of internationalization

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 approves the division of project,
Functionality of the internationalization of applications, to allow the
development within the project of a standard for the specification of
cultural conventions, as follows: Functionality of the internationalization of applications Specification of cultural conventions

Resolution V:  Implementation of policies on cross-language issues 


      notes the support recorded in document N1648 for the proposed
      policies for the management of cross-language issues contained in
      document N1493, which were approved without objection;  

      instructs its WG conveners to ensure that these recommendations are
      taken into account in the work of their groups;  and

      requests its national bodies to recognise the adoption of these

Resolution W:  Proposed Technical Corrigendum for Full Basic

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 requests the project editor for ISO/IEC 10279:1991, Full
Basic, to prepare a Draft Technical Corrigendum based on document N1189
(ANSI X3 Technical Information Bulletin 1), and to submit it to the SC22
secretariat for circulation and letter ballot on approval.

Resolution X:  International Standardized Profiles

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 requests its chairman to discuss DH8, Guidelines for the
production of International Standardized Profiles by an SC, at the
Subcommittee Chairmen's Forum to be held in conjunction with the
forthcoming Geneva JTC 1 Plenary meeting.

Resolution Y:  Language Independent Procedure Calling


      notes that the adoption of a new DIS for OSI Remote Procedure Call
      (RPC) seems likely to result in nonalignment with the SC22 project
      Language Independent Procedure Calling (LIPC);  and

      directs WG11 - Binding Techniques to assess the impact of the changes
      in RPC on the alignment of LIPC and RPC, and inform SC22 of its
      findings, no later than the submission of DIS 13886 LIPC (or a second
      CD with revised text) for letter ballot.

Resolution Z:  SC22 long-term strategy

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 instructs its secretariat to distribute document DH12R to
SC22 national bodies and WGs, with a request for national body and WG
contributions on the six consolidated problem statements that the document

Resolution AA:    Project editor "backup"

SC22 instructs its working group conveners to ensure that for every project
editor there is a second person in a different organization who, at each
stage in development, is able to edit and print a correct version of all
current working documents assigned to the respective project editor.

Resolution ZA:  Appreciation:  SC22 secretariat


      thanks the Standards Council of Canada for offering to support the
      SC22 secretariat for a further period;

      reaffirms the appreciation for Mr Joseph Ct expressed in SC22
      resolution 301 of its 1993 Paris plenary, and further thanks him for
      serving as SC22 secretariat for an additional year;

      welcomes Mr Ed Borkovsky as the incoming SC22 secretariat, and looks
      forward to a happy and fruitful partnership.

Resolution ZB:  Appreciation:  General

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 expresses its appreciation to all those who have assisted
in the work of this meeting, and in particular

-   to the companies and institutions that sponsored the meeting, namely
    the Nederlands Normalisatie-instituut, Delft University of Technology,
    West Consulting, Delft, and Syllogic B.V., with particular mention of
    Mr Jan Barendse of NNI for his welcoming remarks at the dinner;

-   to Mr Kees Pronk for his organization of the meeting, and Mrs Rene
    Lobry and Mr Richard Gerritsen for their secretariat services;

-   to Mr Jan van den Beld and his ECMA colleagues for their informative
    presentation on the Windows API project;

-   to the ad hoc meeting conveners, namely Ms Kate Schell
    (Internationalization), Mr Roger Scowen (Implementation of IT), and Mr
    Andrew Walker (Long-term strategic issues);

-   to the drafting committee members, namely Mr Scott Jameson, drafting
    committee chair, Mr Toshiaki Kurokawa, Mr Keld Simonsen, Mr Graham
    Warren, and Mr Brian Meek for their editing services, and to Mr Bruce
    Rosen for his valuable assistance to the drafting committee;  and

-   to Mr Bob Follett for again chairing the meeting with his customary
    efficiency, diplomacy, and good humour.