JTC1/SC22/WG12 (no longer active) - Conformity and validation

last revised 8 April 1996

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG12 Conformity and validation was established as its WG18 by SC22's predecessor committee, ISO TC97/SC5, at the plenary meeting in Ottawa in 1983. It was inherited by the new SC22 when it started work in 1985. Its remit was to study and make recommendations to the subcommittee in relation to conformity and validation issues for programming languages and language standards.

In due course SC5/WG18, later SC22/WG12, put forward proposals for two new work items, one on methods of testing programming language processors for conformity to a language standard, and one providing guidelines on how to prepare conformity clauses for programming language standards. These work items were in due course established and assigned to WG12, resulting in the ISO Technical Reports listed below.

Having completed its work, WG12 was disbanded in 1989, its final report to SC22 being document SC22/N0714. Its Technical Reports remain as guidance for SC22 and other committees concerned with standardizing programming languages.

Approved international specifications produced:

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