Announcement and Draft Agenda

Meeting #56 of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9

Friday morning, 12 June 2009, Brest, France


In accordance with Resolution 55-7, the next meeting of ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22/WG 9 will be held in conjunction with the Ada Europe conference, on the morning of Friday 12 June 2009 in Brest France.


Opening Orders

          Call to Order

          Appointment of Meeting Secretary

          Approval of Agenda

          Welcome and Administrative Arrangements

          Approval of Meeting #55 Minutes

National Body Reports and Introductions

Liaison Reports and Introductions

          Ada Europe


          SC 23/OWGV: Erhard Ploedereder

Convener's Report

Scheduling of Future Meetings

Review of Action Items and Unimplemented Resolutions

Project Editor Reports (as needed)

          IS 8652: Ed Schonberg and Randy Brukardt

          IS 15291: Bill Thomas and Greg Gicca

          TR 15942: Brian Wichmann

          IS 18009: Erhard Ploedereder

Rapporteur Group Reports (as needed)

          Report of Ada Rapporteur Group: Edmond Schonberg, Chair

o        items related to the current project to amend ISO/IEC 8652

o        items related to the project to update IS 15291

o        status of work on selling the revised ASIS standard (Open Action 50-1)

o        status of work on Containers (Open Action 50-5)

          Report of Annex H Rapporteur Group: Alan Burns, Chair

o        preliminary summary of the Vulnerabilities Workshop

          Report of POSIX Rapporteur Group: Stephen Michell, Chair

Committee as a Whole

Unfinished Business

New Business

Administrative Actions

Review of New Action Items

Final Consideration of Resolutions