Charter of the ASIS Rapporteur Group (ASISRG)

This charter provides the terms of reference for the operation of the ASIS Rapporteur Group. "ASIS" is the usual abbreviation for the Ada Semantic Interface Specification.

Purpose of the ASIS Rapporteur Group

The ASISRG is a subgroup of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG9, the JTC1 Working Group for Ada. The ASISRG has the following duties:


The ASISRG exists from meeting to meeting of WG9, and is reappointed at each meeting of WG9. The membership list is proposed by the Rapporteur to the convener of WG9. Membership entitles a person to vote during ASISRG discussions and to participate in ASISRG letter ballots.

Members are expected to attend meetings regularly, to participate in email discussions, and to vote on letter ballots.


The convener of WG9 designates officers from the membership of the ASISRG. The officers are:


The ASISRG meets at the call of the Rapporteur. Non-members may attend meetings upon invitation; their active participation is at the discretion of the Rapporteur.

Scope of Work

The scope of the ASISRG is to standardize the interface between an Ada environment as defined by ISO/IEC 8652 (the Ada Reference Manual) and tools/applications requiring information from this environment. This scope is intended to be identical with the scope of ISO/IEC 15291, but the ASISRG is authorized to consider the creation of supplementary ISO documents.

ASIS is an interface between an Ada environment as defined by ISO/IEC 8652 (the Ada Reference Manual) and any tool requiring information from this environment. An Ada environment includes valuable semantic and syntactic information. ASIS is an open and published callable interface which gives CASE tool and application developers access to this information. ASIS has been designed to be independent of underlying Ada environment implementations, thus supporting portability of software engineering tools while relieving tool developers from having to understand the complexities of an Ada environment's proprietary internal representation.

As an international standard, ASIS benefits the Information Technology community by facilitating the development of powerful CASE tools that are portable across various Ada environment implementations. The ASIS standard promotes the development of powerful tools for the software engineering community by providing access to important semantic and syntactic information otherwise available only through proprietary interfaces.

Further, ASIS benefits the Information Technology community as a valuable resource for application development. The international standardization of ASIS facilitates the use of this important capability in the development of system software applications. 

Cooperation and Liaison

The ASISRG is encouraged to cooperate with the Category C liaisons of SC22/WG9, for example, Ada-Europe and ACM SIGAda, notably to expand the extent of technical review.