SC22/WG20 N420

Title: WG20 resolutions, København meeting 1995-09-25/29

Source: WG20

Date: 1995-09-29

Status: approved by WG20

The following resolutons were appoved unanimously, unless otherwise noted.

Resolution R9509-01: Response to SC22 Annapolis BE resolution

WG20 approves N415 as its response to SC22 Annapolis BE resolution.

Resolution R9509-02: Use of email, FTP and WWW for WG documents

WG20 resolves to use email, FTP and WWW as an official WG20 document distribution method, in addition to paper distribution to receipients that want this form. Authors of papers are requested to submit electronic versions to the convener for distribution.

The format should be plain text, postscript and/or HTML. The working drafts layout form should be for the minimum common format of A4 and letter size, bearing in mind that final ISO standards will be A4.

Resolution R950903: Common work with TC304

WG20 approves N415 as a statement of cooperation to CEN/TC304, for comments and as the WG20 input for the development of a common work plan on the projects mentioned in the document.

Resolution R9509-04: DTR 11017

WG20 resolves to make the final editing of the document, with the project editor adding a section on data representation on bi-directional text in annex C; and Miles Ellis editing the document to ensure proper English. The editor will then provide the final text to the convener, who will look to that the document is submitted for DTR ballot.

Resolution R9509-05: PDTR 10176

WG20 approves the following time schedule for the preparation of PDTR 10176:

Oct.95/Nov. 95 Kido preparation of WD6 for concurrent registration and approval, send to Winkler. Kido to request NB comments from people that sent technical comments now

End Nov. 95 Winkler send to SC22 secretariat for registration and approval ballot

April 96 Kido prepare comment disposition on ballot comments for discussion in Kyoto

June 96 second PDTR ballot (final PDTR)

September 96 Kido disposition of comments from final PDTR ballot and discussion in WG20 meeting in Vienna

November 1996 ? Editing for proper English

Approved with one vote against (Denmark).

Resolution R950906: Liaison statement to WG4 - COBOL

WG20 approves N422 as its liaison statement to WG4 - COBOL in response to N414.

Resolution R9509-07: Thanks to CEN/TC304

WG20 thanks Þorvarður Kári Ólafsson, secretary of CEN/TC304 for his presentation of issues in cooperation between TC304 and WG20, and look forward to a fruitful cooperation.

Resolution R9509-08: CD 14652

WG20 approves the following time schedule for production of CD 14652, the Specification of Cultural Conventions standard:

1995-11-01 Keld produce WD3

1996-01-15 WG20 comments on email to WD3

1996-03-01 Keld produce WD4

1996-04-02 WG20 comments to WD4

1996-04-09 WG20 resolutions in Kyoto

1996-05-20 Keld produce WD5 = CD

1996-06-15 Convener send WD5 for registration and CD ballot

1996-11-01 SC22 ballotting is complete

Resolution R9509-09: Replacement for POSIX locale in 14652

WG20 resolves to make an internationlized cultural convention set specification in 14652, to illustate the specification definitions and make it normative for reference. The cultural convention set will for the ordering data reference the specification of 14651 for collation, and not define it in 14652.

Approved with one abstention (Japan).

Resolution R9509-10: Thanks

ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 thanks

- Danish Standards Association for their hospitality and support (especially their quality food).

- Charlotte Laursen for secretarial support.

- Keld Simonsen and T. K. Sato for drafting the resolutions.

- Arnold Winkler for taking minutes.

- Arnold Winkler for chairing the København meeting.

Approved with applause.