[[ 6424N452.HTM : 2657 in 6424N452.HTM ]] SC22/WG20 N452, convenor report 96

SC22/WG20 N452



Date: July 2, 1996

Title: Convenor's report 1996

Source: Arnold F. Winkler - convenor SC22/WG20

Action: For information and consideration

Distribution: SC22 plenary

This report will cover the following:

Membership of WG20

Liaisons and representatives

Meetings of WG20

Projects of WG20


Status of projects

Candidate projects

Issues and requests

1 Membership of SC22/WG20

1.1 Liaisons and representatives to and from SC22/WG20

1.1.1 Liaisons

from WG20           Organization         Subject              to WG20              

T.K. Sato           SC2/WG2              Character Sets       T.K. Sato            

Keld Simonsen       SC22/WG15            POSIX                Keld Simonsen        

                    SC22/WG4             COBOL                Ann Wallace          

Miles Ellis         SC22/WG5             FORTRAN              Miles Ellis          

                    SC21/WG3             SQL                  Jim Melton           

Keld Simonsen       SC22/WG14            C                    Keld Simonsen        

Keld Simonsen       SC22/WG21            C++                  Keld Simonsen        

Gary Miller         X/Open               I18n                 Gary Miller          

Alain LaBonté       GUIDE/SHARE-Europe   I18n                 Alain LaBonté        

Alain LaBonté       CEN TC 304           I18n, character set  Þorvaður Kári        
Keld Simonsen                            technology           Ólafsson             

Rafik Belhadj       ECMA  ATG            Arabic task group                         

Alain LaBonté       SC18/WG9             User System                               

Alain LaBonté       SC18                 C/G Model                                 

Keld Simonsen       TC37/SC2/WG3         Alphabetic ordering                       

                    SC22/WG22            PCTE                 Keld Simonsen        

1.1.2 Representatives

None at this moment.

Note: Co-operation with CEN may require official representatives for both directions.

1.2 Meetings of SC22/WG20

November 1991              Sunnyvale                   USA                        

April 1992                 Paris                       France                     

October 1992               Québec                      Canada                     

April 1993                 Copenhagen                  Denmark                    

October 1993               Tokyo                       Japan                      

April 1994                 Oxford                      United Kingdom             

October 1994               Cupertino                   USA                        

May 1995                   Paris                       France                     

September 1995             Copenhagen                  Denmark                    

April 1996                 Kyoto                       Japan                      

September 1996             Vienna                      Austria                    

Spring 1997                Québec                      Canada                     

Fall 1997                  TBD                         Egypt, USA, UK are         

2. Projects of SC22/WG20

2.1 List of current projects

Number          Description                                    Editor            

22.13           Second edition of TR 10176: "Guidelines for    Akio Kido         
                the preparation of programming language        Makoto Noda       

22.30.01        TR 11017: "Framework for                       T.K. Sato         
                internationalization"                                         Functionality of the internationalization of   Keld Simonsen     
                applications                                                  ISO/IEC 14651: International string ordering   Alain LaBonté     ISO/IEC 14652: Specification of Cultural       Keld Simonsen     

2.2 Status of active projects

2.2.1 TR 11017: Framework for internationalization

a Framework for internationalization

b JTC1 22.30.01

c A new type 3 Technical Report

d T. K. Sato

e The DTR text, SC22/WG20 N444, has been submitted to JTC1 for TR ballot (JTC1 N4015). The JTC1 ballot closes on August 31, 1996 and we hope to have a disposition of comments for the SC22 plenary in September.

2.2.2 Second edition of TR 10176

a Guidelines for the preparation of programming languages standards

b JTC1 22.13

c An amendment to a type 3 Technical Report

d A. Kido and M. Noda

e The PDTR has been registered, based on document SC22 N2029 (SC22/WG20 N433). Disposition of the ballot comments report is being developed and document SC22/WG20 N466 will be forwarded to the SC22 with recommendation for further consideration.

2.2.3 International string ordering (future ISO/IEC 14651)

a International string ordering

b JTC1

c International Standard ISO/IEC 14651

d Alain LaBonté

e Document SC22/WG20 N453 has been submitted to SC22 for CD registration ballot in English and French language. Ballot document is SC22 N2158. By September we hope to have the registration ballot results and the disposition of comments for the SC22 plenary in London ..

2.2.4 Cultural convention specification standard (future ISO/IEC 14652)

a Cultural convention specification standard

b JTC1.

c International Standard ISO/IEC 14652

d Keld Simonsen

e A document is being prepared for CD registration ballot.

2.3 Candidate projects

Functionality of Internationalization

a Functionality of the internationalization of applications

b JTC1

c A number of standards, see subproject descriptions below

d Keld Simonsen

e This is an umbrella project

This project is the umbrella project for the development of specific standards for functionality of the internationalization of applications, such that users can specify their cultural requirements, and obtain consistent behavior across system platforms and applications. Work is being done on the following projects:

- International string ordering (IS 14651)

- Cultural convention specification standard (IS 14652)

Internationalization API - NP rejected

WG20 had submitted a request for a new project: Internationalization API standard. This request has been approved in SC22 N2101, but not enough countries have agreed to participate in the work - therefore the NP failed.

Based on a late vote from the UK, promising participation in the work, WG20 will consider to re-submit the NP. This decision will be taken in the WG20 meeting in Vienna (September 9-13, 1996) and communicated to SC22 during the plenary in London.

3 Conclusions and requests

3.1 Issues

3.1.1 Resources for standards development

The biggest issue in SC22/WG20 - as in most other standards developing organizations - is that many companies can not afford to make enough resources available for speedy development of standards. For many participants in our meetings, the meeting time is the only time they can spend on the projects. Additionally, travel budgets are tight, thus restricting the participation even further.

In light of the failed NP for an Internationalization API, WG20 will concentrate its efforts to complete the approved projects as fast as possible.

3.1.2 WWW home page for SC22/WG20

SC22/WG20 opened it's WWW home page.

The home page address is http://www.dkuug.dk/JTC1/SC22/WG20/

The home page includes:

Introduction and explanation of SC22/WG20 activities

Important documents about it's activities

Working drafts of standards from SC22/WG20

Summary of the key SC22/WG20 documents and standards

Keld Simonsen (DKNET) is appointed as a maintainer of the home page.

3.2 Requests to the SC22 plenary

3.2.1 Registration and proceeding of SC22/WG20 documents

3.2.2 Approve the change of titles :

ISO/IEC 14651:

Current title: International string ordering.

Proposed new title: "ISO/IEC 14651 - International String Ordering - Method for comparing Character Strings and Description of a Default Tailorable Ordering"

Proposed French title: "ISO/CEI 14651 - Classement international dechaînes de caractères - Méthode de comparaison de chaînes de caractères et description d'un ordre de classement implicite adaptable"

3.2.3 Directions from SC22 on character handling:

Recommendations for proper handling of ISO/IEC 10646 characters coded in programming languages has been requested in the PDTR 10176 ballot comments (SC22 N2163). This includes equivalence, combining character sequences, character properties, transformation formats etc. Since these subjects effect all programming language committees, direction by SC22 is needed, to which extend WG20 should explore the full potential of ISO/IEC 10646 in its work. Presently, based on "Recommendations of the meeting of the SC22 Ad Hoc group on Character Sets held in Copenhagen, Denmark 1993-04-21/23" in SC22 N1371, the combining character sequences of 10646 are handled like separate single characters, thus making correct comparisons and ordering impossible, while correct rendering is left to higher protocols. Internationalization technology has progressed in the last 3 years and the position of SC22 towards ISO 10646 should be reconsidered in that light.

3.2.4 Cooperation with CEN TC 304

SC22/WG20 N415 and N455 are responses of SC22/WG20 to resolution BE and BF from the SC22 plenary meeting in Annapolis. SC22/WG20 asks for direction from SC22 for further actions of SC22/WG20 for the cooperation with CEN TC 304 through the process defined in the Vienna Agreement .

End of document