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Sent: Monday, March 18, 2002 6:49 AM



Dear active participants in CEN TC304,



There is still no formal application for taking on the TC304 Secretariat after Stadlar. Stadlar is leaving in April which I hope means the last day of April. In May a dormant stage will start.

I have good faith in the dormant stage being just an interim period of about half a year.


Some ongoing work items (WI):


TR Fallback.

After the last voting with two countries giving fundamental disagreements I have included the Swedish comments (all editorial) and tried to cope also with the Netherlands comments. A revised document in Word-format including all the annexes and all the glyphs has been sent to CEN for a new voting.

I give special credit to Göran Tellström for helping to do this. CEN now needs only to add a number and make some editorial changes on the first page and make the page numbering to CENs liking.



prTS "1923 rev" still needs the editorial changes to look like a prTS. The document is at CEN to be balloted after these changes.

Changes will be done by? Will it need a CEN BT decision on the WI?



prEN for OCR-B with the euro sign included and some European characters added in an annex needs a CEN number (now it is TC304 N992) and a CEN ballot. A revisable format may also be needed. It may need a formal CEN BT decision on the WI.


Support for Sami (EN).

This (by TC304) adopted WI needs a formal CEN BT decision. In parallell with this a work has been started in the Nordic countries Finland, Norway and Sweden to produce a document supported by the main interested parties in these countries. During 2002 Finland is in the lead and is hosting a meeting in Helsingfors on 4 April with invited participants.


Please call me or Thorgeir ( +354-847 0742, ) if you have questions or coments.


Best regards


Wolf Arfvidson

Acting chairman of CEN TC304


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