SC22/WG20 N909

CEN/TC304 N1004

Subject: Resolutions of the December 2001 Plenary of TC304

Date: 1 February 2002

Note: This document is identical to a previously distributed document with the same resolutions, except for the references to document numbers in resolution #6.

Resolutions of the 3 December 2001 Plenary of TC304

The following members of TC304 were present: Finland, Germany, Ireland through a proxy held by Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Poland an affiliated CEN member (not voting)


Resolution #1: TC-liaison-officer to ETSI-HF

CEN/TC304 appoints Marc Küster as a liaison officer to ETSI HF. The TC also wishes the Cultural Diversity Steering Group to take up the monitoring of harmonizing IC with IT standards.

Adopted unanimously

Resolution # 2: Project Team for EOR-2 EN

CEN/TC304 resolves, conditional on the adoption of the CR on EOR-2, to set up a project team with Marc Küster as the editor and additional initial members, Keld Simonsen and Kent Karlsson, to draft a prEN to update both the EOR-2 CR and the EOR-1 ENV.

This resolution was adopted with a majority voting for it:

The Netherlands voted No

Finland, Germany, Norway Sweden, Ireland voted Yes

Resolution # 3 ESR WI deletion

CEN/TC304 resolves that producing a CWA 14094 for the ESR is sufficient and the WI of processing ESR into a CR is to be deleted as well as the WI to produce ESR-2.

Adopted unanimously


Resolution # 4 ENV1923 to become a TS

CEN/TC304 resolves that since the ENV deliverable is no longer supported by the CEN standard system, a TS (Technical specification) should be produced instead.

This resolution was adopted with a majority voting for it:

The Netherlands and Ireland abstained

Germany, Norway Sweden, Finland voted Yes.

Resolution # 5 Guidance to help populating the Cultural Registry

CEN/TC304 thanks Monica Stċhl Forsberg for delivering document CEN/TC304 N1002 containing guidance to help European NBs prepare cultural information for registration. CEN/TC304 wishes this guidance to be forwarded to those NBs that submitted data on cultural IT information for the registration but have not yet produced a formal registration.

Adopted unanimously

Resolution #6 Resolving Eurolocale comments

CEN/TC304 instructs the editor of the Eurolocale specification Keld Simonsen, together with Erkki Kolehmainen to resolve the comments on the Eurolocale project (see documents N996, N997 and N998) and to initiate all necessary communication with SC22 and its WG 20.

Adopted unanimously

Resolution # 7 Cultural specifications

CEN/TC304 would like to inform SC22 that SC22 should only comment on but not change cultural specifications sent in by CEN/TC304.

This resolution was adopted with a majority voting for it:

Netherlands abstains (cannot see the impact)

The other five countries voted for it

Resolution # 8 OCR-B WI

CEN/TC304 resolves to advance document N992 into an EN and instructs its secretary to forward it to the CEN CMC for this purpose.

Adopted unanimously

Resolution # 9 MES-3 in 10646

CEN/TC304 resolves to suggest to SC2/WG2 that MES- 3A and MES-3B not be incorporated in the Annex of 10646 as such. Instead if incorporated they should be replaced by just one open collection, the "Modern European Scripts" (MES-Open), that reflects the scope of the CEN WS MES that produced MES-3A and MES-3B as part of the CEN Workshop Agreement 13873:2000.

The resolution was adopted with a majority voting for it

Norway and Netherlands abstained

Finland, Ireland, Germany, Sweden voted in favour of it

(Netherlands wanted the explanation put in the minutes that they are in favour in the first sentence, but against the MES-open)

Resolution #10 SAMI WI

CEN/TC304 resolves to start a new work item to produce an EN for the support in IT of Sami languages as spoken in Norway, Sweden and Finland and the Romani language as spoken in Finland. The draft, once verified by appropriate authorities in the Nordic countries, may be forwarded by the chair and secretary for a ballot.

The resolution was adopted with a majority voting for it

The Netherlands were against

Finland, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Sweden voted for it


Resolution #11 Thanks to host

CEN/TC304 wishes to thank James Boyd of CEN/ISSS for participating in the TC304 plenary meeting and for use of the facilities at the CEN meeting centre.


Resolution #12 Next meeting

CEN/TC304 recommends that the next meeting of TC304 is convened in June or September in Brussels next year 2002.

Adopted unanimously