SC22/WG20 N902

CEN/TC304 N996

Date of TC distribution: 14 January 2002

Source: Keld Simonsen

Note: This document and document N997 and N998 were tabled and discussed in the TC304 plenary 3 December and resolutions 6 and 7 were passed on them.


CEN/TC 304 N996


CEN ENV 12005 Cultural registry report

By Keld Simonsen, Registration Authority

  1. Proposals received

The Registration Authority has received a number of proposals for registrations:

  1. Registrations

The following registrations have been done:

Registration number token

169 fi_FI,_1.0

170 sv_SE,_1.0

171 nb_NO,_4.5

  1. Comments received

Some comments were received on the proposals from CEN/TC304 . They are hereby forwarded to TC304 for their considerations. Furthermore comments have been received on similar proposals to the ISO/IEC 15897 registry from ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22 in document SC22 N3342, which is also enclosed.

Comments received from the Swedish member body

Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2001 09:13:31 +0100

Swedish comments to:

CEN/TC304 N988

Title: Proposals for EU, FI, SE and NO Cultural Registration

Source: Secretary of CEN/TC304

Date: 23 August 2001

Comments regarding the registration in: "Pan-European language-independent registration"

In Clause 4: Monetary formatting it says:

"The name of the currency is "Euro", subdivided into 100 "cents" (with plural "s")."

Even if it also says: "This default is for general use, and not applicable

for use in value documents." it should, in our opinion, follow the rules given

in the EU document "Interinstitutional style guide". You can find this

document on Part 3 "Conventions

common to all languages" in Clause 7.3 "Currencies and codes" states the


"The euro is divided into 100 cent. In English the terms 'euro' and 'cent'

are invariable (no plural 's')"


Comments regarding the registration for MES 2 in:,eulc

MES 2 is specified in CWA 13873 and that is the only specification which

should be valid. The specified characters in the registration are not

exactly the same as in the CWA. It should be changed to be exactly the same

as in CWA 13873.

The repertoire map should use the Uxxxx identifiers in consistence with

ISO/IEC 10646 instead of the specified mnemonics.

We also think that this part preferably should have a title and not only

just start with the specification.

Best Regards

Monica Sthl Forsberg

ITS, Informationstekniska standardiseringen



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Netherlands comment on N 988, locales

From: "J.W. van Wingen"



Subject: Comment on N 988 Locales

Date: 18.11.2001 11:59

We would restrict us to the the remark that we consider it undesirable and

confusing if a locale is submitted by a body or person other than by the NB

mandated for the country, nation or language to which the locale in

question pertains.

Best regards from J.W. van Wingen


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