Title:     ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 resolutions,
        Malvern meeting 2001-10-01/03


Source: ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20

Date: 2001-10-03

Status: Approved unanimously unless otherwise noted


Members attending for the approval of these resolutions are:

Alain LaBonté, Canada, KIM Kyongsok, S. Korea, Keld Simonsen, Norway,

Ken Whistler, USA.


Resolution R2001-10-01: Meeting Schedule


WG20 resolves to have the following meeting schedule:


2002-05-20/22, Norway

2002-10 or 2002-11 Japan (tentative), (S. Korea backup, is pending approval

                                     from S. Korean national body)

2003-05 or 2003-06 Canada (tentative)



Resolution R2001-10-02: Termination of liaison to GUIDE/SHARE Europe


As recommended by Alain LaBonté WG20 resolves to terminate its liaison to

GUIDE/SHARE Europe, and thanks its liaison, Alain LaBonté for his long

services in this area.



Resolution R2001-10-03: ISO/IEC 14651 AM 1 - International String Ordering


WG20 approves N882 as its disposition of comments on SC22 N3318,

for the PDAM 1 ballot on ISO/IEC 14651. FPDAM 1 will be sent to SC22 for

ballot by 2001-11-30 or earlier. Ken Whistler will send input to the editor

at the latest 2001-11-23.



Resolution R2001-10-04: Representation at CLAUI meeting


WG20 resolves to be represented by Arnold Winkler, Alain LaBonté and

Keld Simonsen at the next CLAUI meeting.



Resolution R2001-10-05: DTR 14652 - Specification method for cultural conventions.


The editing group consists of the WG20 members attending the

Malvern meeting 2001-10, including Sandra Martin O'Donnell.

An email list has been created for that purpose.


The editor will provide the disposition of comments N883R by 2001-10-05.

If there are no objections by 2001-10-10, the disposition is approved.

The editing group will resolve any problems.

The editor will deliver a new draft DTR by 2001-11-30.

The editing group will check whether the agreed results are correctly

reflected in the revised draft and agrees to comment until 2001-12-11.

The editor will resolve any comments and submit a new draft

to the convener by 2001-12-14, who will forward it for DTR ballot.

Member bodies are invited to provide input to annex D before 2001-11-21,

to be delivered to the editor.


Resolution R2001-10-06: Thanks


ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG20 thanks

- Unisys, especially Arnold Winkler,

for their outstanding hospitality and friendly support.

- Keld Simonsen and KIM Kyongsok for drafting the resolutions.

- Arnold Winkler for taking minutes and chairing the meeting.

Approved by acclamation.