WG15 Defect Report Ref: 9945-2-90
Topic: localedef

This is an approved interpretation of 9945-2:1993.


Last update: 1997-05-20



	Topic:			localedef
	Relevant Sections:	4.36

Defect Report:

	Date: Fri, 2 Dec 1994 16:52:33 -0800
	From: Fred Zlotnick <fred@mindcraft.com>

I would like to request an official, binding interpretation from the
WG15 concerning the following point in ISO/IEC 9945-2:1993 (POSIX.2).

POSIX.2 Subclause 4.36 specifies the semantics of the "localedef"
utility.  In subclause, describing the use of Standard Output
by "localedef", the standard states:

	The utility shall report all categories successfully processed,
	in an unspecified format.

Can this format consist of no output whatsoever?  That is, can a
conforming implementation of localedef succeed and write nothing to
standard output?

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

WG15 response for 9945-2:1993

First, note that the relevent sections are in not

The second paragraph of the 4.35.2 specifies behavior only when 
1 or more locale catagories are specified in the input.  If any of 
these catagories are processed successfully, then the quoted
words from standard output from section clearly require that
standard output be produced indicating sucessful processing of those 
catagories that were sucessfully processed.  If the exit status of 
the localedef utility is 2 or greater, there is no requirement 
that output for stdout be produced. 

When the standard output section says that "the utility shall report all
catagories successfully processed, in an unspecified format", it is not 
acceptable for the output to be nothing.

The standard clearly states behavior for standard output in localedef and 
conforming implementations must conform to this.


Forwarded to Interpretations group: 8 Dec 94

Response received: Feb 10 1995
Proposed Resoln forwarded: 13th Feb 1995
Finalised: March 28th 1995