WG15 Defect Report Ref: 13210-13
Topic: Appropriate privileges and portable assertions

This is an approved interpretation of 13210:1994.


Last update: 1997-05-20

								13210-92  #13

	Classification:  Editorial defect


	Topic:			Appropriate privileges and portable assertions
	Relevant Sections:	p462n24

Defect Report:

       Page 462, lines 420-425:   (WG15 ref: 13210-93 #13)

	 24(C) If the implementation requires appropriate
	       privileges to set specific mode bits:
		   When	the utility restoring the files	from the
		   archive does	not have the required appropriate
		   privileges to set a given mode bit and this
		   privilege is	required, then the mode	bits for
		   which the process does not have these privileges
		   are ignored.

       The conditionals	for Assertion #24 require one or
       documentation assertions	to specify how the test	is to be
       performed and what is the expected outcome.  Since these
       documentation assertions	would be conditional on
       "documentation being provided", this assertion cannot be
       portably	tested.

       Replace "24(C)" with "24(D)".
       Also add	after line 425:
	 Section 5 of POSIX.3."

WG15 response for 13210:1994

The problem and actions statements are accepted as written.
The standard does not completely specify the testing constraints for these
assertions. This is an editorial omission. This will be documented in
an errata for the document and also referred to the
sponsor for clarifying wording in the next amendment, with the suggested
action being the action stated in the original text above.

Rationale for Interpretation: