WG15 Project List
WG15 SD4
29 Oct 1996
Pmgmt FileProject # TitleIEEE Status
9945-0 LIS System Interface Keld Simonsen
0.0pm1lis.doc System Interface LIS {1372} awaiting Xfer to DK.
9945-1 C Language Bindings Stephe Walli; Casey Schaufler (22.42),
1.0pm1.doc C Language binding
w/Real Time & Threads
{1}IS-1990,Reaffirm'd 94
merged 1996
1.3pm1ext.doc 22.39 Extensions to base {1a} PDAM reg closes 12/96
1.4pm1sec.doc 22.42 Security Amendment {1e/6} PDAM DoC needed
1.5pm1tfa.doc Transparent File Access {1f/8} PDAM reg closes 12/96
1.6pm1pii.doc Protocol Ind. Interface {1g/12} PDAM reg&bal close 12/96

draft?, Comments expected

1.7pm1add 22.40 add time extensions {1d/4b} wg15 ok for registration
1.8pm1rtadv Adv. Real Time Extensions {.1j} PDAM reg ballot closes ??
Reg draft >5
9945-2 Shell & Utilities Stephe Walli; Casey Schaufler (22.43), Norm Aaronson (.03)
2.0pm2.doc Shell & Uilities base {2}IS-1993, rev 1996
2.2pm2batch.doc Batch Services {2d/15a} AM 1995
2.3pm2ext.doc 22.41 additional utilities {2b} PDAM closes ?? xxx 96
2.4pm2sec.doc 22.43 Security Amendment {2c/6} PDAM DoC needed
15068 Administered Systems Martin Kirk; Jay Ashford (software)
3.1sap1.doc Overview {1387.1} na
3.2sap2.doc Software Administration {1387.2} DIS Ballot closes ??/97
3.3sap3.doc User Administration {1387.3} DIS Ballot closes
3.4sap4.doc Print Administration {1387.4} CD reg. closes 12/96
13210, 14515-x Test Methods Barry Headquist
4.013210 22.37 CD13210 Test Methods {2003} revision: CD Reg bal closes 12/96
then to "final" CD of d>8
4.114515p1 -1.01 Test Methods for 9945-1:1990 {2003.1} done
4.214515p12 -1.02 Test Methods for 9945-1: Real Time {2003.1b} PDAM reg closes 12/96
PDAM of draft >5
4.314515p2 -2Test Methods for 9945-2 {2003.2} DIS of IEEE Std-96
14519 Ada Language Bindings Ted Baker
5.014519.doc Ada Language binding {5+} IS-1994, rev 1999
5.114519a1.doc Ada Real Time Extensions {5b/.20} Fasttrack agreement
14252 Guide to POSIX OSE Don Folland
6.014252.doc 22.38 TR- Guide to POSIX OSE {0}US provide text for pub.
Guide for National Profiles & Locales Keld Simonsen
7.0natprof.doc 14766 Guide for Natl Profiles & National Locales [N387r] NP approved
8.0 22.15287 POSIX ISP Projects Jim Oblinger
8.115287p1.doc .1POSIX SuperComputing AEP (1003.10) Explan report & R&C WG
8.215287p2.doc .2Std Env Prof - POSIX Real Time App. Support (1003.13) Explan report & R&C SC22
Withdrawn Projects (complete, done elsewhere, or no further action expected in WG15)
done.doc Real time extensions {1b/4} merged 9945-1:1996
done.doc Extensions to real time (threads) {1c/4a} merged 9945-1:1996
done.doc User Portability Ext. .2amerged 1993
na FORTRAN Lang. binding {9}Withdrawn 9/95 SC22
na Batch Services withdrawn 9/96 SC22
na API Batch Admin. Amend. Withdrawn 9/96 SC22
na Directory Services {1224.2} Withdrawn 9/95 SC22
na RPC Withdrawn 9/94 SC22