WG14 Document Number N888

Defect Report #99-XXX

Submission Date: 18 Aug 1999
Submittor: Project Editor (Larry Jones)
Source: WG15

In subclause, the specifications for the strftime%c, %p, and %x conversion specifiers in the C locale conflict with the specifications in ISO/IEC 9945-2 for the POSIX locale.  As the POSIX and C locales have always been intended to be compatible, we strongly suggest changing these specifications to match the pre-existing POSIX specifications.

Suggested Correction
In subclause, paragraph 7, page 345, change the definitions of %c, %p, and %x to:

%c    equivalent to "%a %b %e %T %Y".
%p    one of "AM" or "PM".
%x    equivalent to "%m/%d/%y".