ISO/IEC WG14 N886, NCITS J11/99-021

JT/99-0145 J
JTC 1 TAG, U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ANSI,
National Body Member of ISO/IEC JTC 1, Information Technology

JTC 1 TAG Administrator, Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
1250 Eye St. NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005
Telephone 202-737-8888; Fax 202-638-4922;

Date: April 27, 1999
Reply to: Jennifer T. Garner
Phone: 202-626-5737
cc: L. Rajchel, ANSI
R. Jaeschke, Chairman NCITS/J11, US TAG to SC 22/WG 14
S. Clamage, Chairman NCITS/J16, US TAG to SC 22/WG 21
S. Jameson, Acting Chairman SC 22 TAG
M. Vago, NCITS/SC 22 TAG Administrator
T. Plum, Plum Hall Inc.

Ms. Susan Bose
11 West 42nd Street
New York, New York 10036

Subject: Approval for the U.S. to Host JTC 1 Subcommittee Working Group Meetings

Dear Ms. Bose,

The JTC 1 TAG Administrator has granted approval for the U.S. to host the following JTC 1 Subcommittee Working Group meetings:

Plum Hall Incorporated, to host the SC 22/WG 14 meeting to be held October 18-22, 1999 and the SC 22/WG 21 meeting to be held October 20-26, 1999. Both meetings will be held in Kailua-Kona Hawaii. The U.S. contact person for this meeting is:

Thomas Plum
Plum Hall Incorporated
3 Waihona Box 44610
Kamuela, Hawaii 96743
Phone: (808) 882-1255
Fax: (808) 882-1556

This letter serves as authorization to initiate the invitation.

Additional meeting information is attached below. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Jennifer T. Garner
JTC 1 TAG Administrator

Meeting Location:

Aston Keauhou Beach Resort
Phone: +1-808-324-2517 or +1-808-324-2518
FAX: +1-808-322-3117

Be sure to mention the "Plum Hall" meeting group when makingreservations.

Meeting Location directions:

Fly to Kona Hawaii ("Keahole Airport"). Kona currently has non-stopservice from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Tokyo, and Honolulu. Drive about 8 miles south from the airport to Palani Drive, turn right. Drive downhill on Palani Drive three blocks to the ocean. Palani Drive curves 90 degrees left, becoming Alii ("Ah Lee Ee") Drive. Drive about 4 miles south on Alii Drive to the Keauhou Beach Hotel.

Taxis are available at Kona Airport, but most visitors will appreciatehaving a rental car, or making arrangements to share a rental car withanother attendee.

Local contacts: Thomas Plum +1-808-882-1255

Arrangements for coffee breaks have been provided. Also, copying servicewill be available without cost to attendees.

Please contact Thomas Plum, who is the local host and local contact person,if any further information or organizational formalities are required.