Preliminary Agenda for 27 and 30 – 31 August, 1 – 3 September, 2021
WG 14/N 2760

Dates and Times

Each day will have a half-hour break from 15:00-15:30 UTC.

27August,2021  13:30 – 17:00 UTC
30August,2021  13:30 – 17:00 UTC
31August,2021  13:30 – 17:00 UTC
1September,2021  13:30 – 17:00 UTC
2September,2021  13:30 – 17:00 UTC
3September,2021  13:30 – 17:00 UTC

Meeting Location

Please note: Due to the global health emergency, this is no longer a face-to-face meeting.

This meeting is virtual via Zoom.

Meeting information

Please see the ISO Meetings platform (log into and click on Meetings) or contact the convenor for the URL and password.

Local contact information

David Keaton <>

1. Opening Activities

1.1 Opening Comments (Keaton)
1.2 Introduction of Participants/Roll Call
1.3 Procedures for this Meeting (Keaton)
1.4 Required Reading
1.4.1 ISO Code of Conduct
1.4.2 IEC Code of Conduct
1.4.3 JTC 1 Summary of Key Points [N 2613]
1.4.4 INCITS Code of Conduct
1.5 Approval of Previous WG 14 Minutes
1.6 Review of Action Items and Resolutions
1.7 Approval of Agenda [N 2760] (PL22.11 motion, WG 14 motion)
1.8 Identify National Bodies Sending Experts
1.9 INCITS Antitrust Guidelines and Patent Policy
1.10 INCITS official designated member/alternate information
1.11 Note where we are in the C23 schedule [N 2759]

2. Reports on Liaison Activities

2.1 ISO, IEC, JTC 1, SC 22
2.2 PL22.11/WG 14
2.3 PL22.16/WG 21
2.4 PL22
2.5 WG 23
2.7 Austin Group
2.8 Other Liaison Activities

3. Reports from Study Groups

3.1 C Floating Point activity report
3.2 C Memory Object Model Study Group
3.3 C and C++ Compatibility Study Group

4. Future Meetings

4.1 Future Meeting Schedule
Please note that in-person meetings may be converted to virtual meetings due to coronavirus considerations.
4.2 Future Mailing Deadlines
Note: Please request document numbers by one week before these dates.

5. Document Review

5.1 Working draft updates (as available)

As many of the following papers as possible are planned for this meeting. Order, grouping, and agenda item number will be determined later.

5.x A Provenance-aware Memory Object Model for C (3 hours)

New proposals

5.x Ballman, __has_include for C [N 2673]
5.x Santiago, Standard library should have a fuzzy way of comparing memory blocks [N 2684]
5.x Múgica, #warning directive [N 2686]
5.x Múgica, Identifier - primary expression [N 2687]
5.x Múgica, Sterile characters [N 2688]
5.x Goldblatt, Sized Memory Deallocation [N 2699]
5.x Tydeman, Overlooked SNAN wording changes [N 2710]
5.x Tydeman, fmin, fmax [N 2711]
5.x Tydeman, intbool_t [N 2712]
5.x Tydeman, Integer Constant Expression [N 2713]
5.x Tydeman, hypot() [N 2714]
5.x Tydeman, cr_ prefix [N 2715]
5.x Tydeman, Numerically equal [N 2716]
5.x Krause, No function declarators without prototypes [N 2719]
5.x Krause, Sane C library, when wanted [N 2720]
5.x Meneide, _Imaginary_I and _Complex_I Qualifiers, revision 0 [N 2726]
5.x Meneide, Consistent, Warningless, and Intuitive Initialization with {}, revision 0 [N 2727]
5.x Meneide, char16_t & char32_t string literals shall be UTF-16 & UTF-32, revision 0 [N 2728]
5.x Meneide, Transparent Function Aliases, revision 0 [N 2729]
5.x Gustedt, Properly define blocks as part of the grammar [N 2739]
5.x Boehm, Clarify atomics compatibility between C and C++ [N 2741]
5.x Seacord, Volatile C++ Compatibility [N 2743]
5.x Thomas, C23 proposal - range error definition [N 2745]
5.x Thomas, C23 proposal - overflow and underflow definitions [N 2746]
5.x Thomas, C23 proposal - Annex F overflow and underflow [N 2747]
5.x Thomas, C23 proposal - effects of fenv exception functions [N 2748]
5.x Thomas, C23 proposal - IEC 60559 binding [N 2749]
5.x Honermann, char8_t: A type for UTF-8 characters and strings (Revision 1) [N 2653]

Continuing proposals

5.x Gustedt, Add new optional time bases v4 [N 2647]
5.x Gustedt, type inference for variable definitions and function returns v4 [N 2735]
5.x Gustedt, Simple lambdas v4 [N 2736]
5.x Meneide, Not-So-Magic: typeof(), revision 3 [N 2724]
5.x Gustedt, Improve type generic programming v3 [N 2734]
5.x Krause, @ and $ in source and execution character set [N 2701]
5.x Meneide, Preprocessor embed, revision 4 [N 2725]

6. Clarification Requests

The previous queue of clarification requests has been processed.

7. Other Business

8. Schedule adjustments, Resolutions, and Decisions reached

8.1 Decide whether to add an extra day to the next meeting.
8.2 Review of Decisions Reached
8.3 Review of Action Items

9. PL22.11 Business

9.1 Approval of Previous PL22.11 Minutes
9.2 Identification of PL22.11 Voting Members
9.2.1 Members Attaining initial Voting Rights at this Meeting
9.2.2 Members who regained voting rights
9.3 PL22.11 Voting Members in Jeopardy
9.3.1 Members in jeopardy due to failure to vote on Letter Ballots
9.3.2 Members in jeopardy due to failure to attend Meetings Members who retained voting rights by attending this meeting Members who lost voting rights for failure to attend this meeting
9.4 PL22.11 Non-voting Members
9.4.1 Prospective PL22.11 Members Attending their First Meeting
9.4.2 Advisory members who are attending this meeting
9.5 Other Business

10. Thanks to Host

10.1 Thanks and apologies to Alex Gilding, the originally intended host
10.2 Thanks to ISO for supplying Zoom capabilities

11. Adjournment (PL22.11 motion)