n2463: Freiburg 2020 venue

Submitter:Philipp Klaus Krause
Submission Date:2019-11-17


Room SR 01-009/13, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Technische Fakultät, Georges-Köhler-Allee 101, 79110 Freiburg, Germany

From Freiburg Hbf station near the city center, the meeting location can be easily reached on foot (takes 25 min), by tram (line 4, stop "Technische Fakultät", takes 15 min, trams go every 7 min) or train (stop "Messe/Universität", takes 3 min, trains go every 30 min)


Freiburg recevied borough rights in 1120, the cathedral was built 1200 to 1513, the university founded in 1457. Like most German cities, Freiburg was mostly destroyed in the second world war; however it was rebuild according to the old layout, with narrow streets in the inner city (now mostly closed to vehicles except for trams).

Getting to Freiburg

Freiburg is well-connected to the Eurasian rail network.

The small airport next to the meeting location no longer has any regular commercial service. Nearby international airports are Basel (about 1 hour by a combination of bus and train), Frankfurt (about 2 hours by train, direct trains from the airport to Freiburg run every hour) and Zürich (about 2 h by train)


Less than 20 min walking distance:

There also is a large number of hotels in the city center.


Visitors from countries that have not joined the Schengen agreement might require a Visa. To find out if you need a Visa and how to get one please check with a local Embassy or Consulate from a Schengen agreement country.


The Mensa Flugplatz (simple, cheap food) is nearby, as are two canteens of the ISE (Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme, a research institute).


Euro (€), code EUR. Some smaller shops accept only cash for small payments (under 20 €).


For restaurants, it is customary to leave a tip of 5 to 10%.


230 V, Schuko (CEE 7/4) plug.