Submitter:Fred Tydeman
Submission Date: 2019-05-01
Document: WG14 N2379
Title:N2379: SD3#1 (DR 440): FP types being 60559
Reference Documents: N1730 N2323


SD3 item 1 (DR 440) against C2X: Floating-point types are 60559 (aka 754) formats.

It was decided that DR 440 would be fixed in C2X.

Possible Technical Corrigendum:

In §, insert a new paragraph after paragraph 11:

Whether a type matches an IEC 60559 format (and perhaps, operations) is characterized by the implementation-defined values of FLT_IS_IEC_60559, DBL_IS_IEC_60559, and LDBL_IS_IEC_60559 (this does not imply conformance to Annex F):

    0 type does not match an IEC 60559 format
    1 type matches an IEC 60559 format
    2 type matches an IEC 60559 format and operations

Add to § paragraph 18 (Example 2)

FLT_IS_IEC_60559 2
DBL_IS_IEC_60559 2

Existing practice

None known. But, it is easy to add these macros.