Submitter: Fred J. Tydeman
Submission Date: 2014-09-26

Document: WG14 N1870


The description does not match the math formula for maximum representable finite (normalized) floating-point numbers in


The math formula is for a normalized number, while the words are missing 'normalized'. Now, in the floating-point model in paragraph 2, the maximum finite number is the same as the maximum finite normalized number, so it did not matter.

However, if long double is a pair of doubles (not matching the model in paragraph 2), then there can be finite numbers larger than the largest normalized finite number. The largest normalized finite number is DBL_MAX*(1.+DBL_EPSILON/2.), while the largest finite number can be DBL_MAX*2.

Suggested Technical Corrigendum

In, add 'normalized' between 'finite' and 'floating-point'.

Add a new paragraph:

12b The values given in the following list shall be replaced by constant expressions with implementation-defined values that are greater than or equal to those shown:

-- maximum representable finite floating-point number (footnote),

(footnote): Need not be normalized.