WG 14 Standing Document 3

List of issues not covered by DRs for C11

Doc No: WG14 N1826
Date: 2014-04-13
Project: JTC1.22.20
Reply To: John Benito
Convener, WG14
110 Shady Brook Court
Santa Cruz, CA 95065
E-mail: benito@bluepilot.com
Phone: +1 831-427-0528
Fax: +1 831-427-0621

This document contains a list of issues that could not be dealt with by a C11 Defect Report. Each should be reviewed when the time comes to start the process to republish the C Standard.

This document is not intended to indicate the direction WG 14 will take for the development of the C Standard, this is just a list of issues that were not addressed by the WG 14 Defect Report process.

  1. N 1730, DR 440
    To do as suggested in this defect report, distinguish whether the float, double, and long double types are IEC compliant or not, requires the addition of new feature test macros, this is a new feature, and is not allowed by the mechanism of the defect report process.
  2. N 1817, DR 463
    This is a request to align C with C++14, C++14 has defined the shifting of a bit into the sign bit, again this is a feature that can not be addressed by the defect report process.
  3. N 1793, N 1818, DR 451
    The issue about indeterminate values (wobbly bits) will possibly need to be clarified. wobbly bits were not considered during the development of C11.
  4. N 1812, DR 461
    The portion of this defect report that requests allowing const qualified objects in signal handlers is considered a new feature.