WG 14 Document: N1432
Date: 2009/12/2

Subject: Liaison statement

At its Santa Cruz meeting, WG 14 reaffirmed its commitment to meeting its schedule for the C1X revision of the C Standard. The current WG 14 schedule is N1392, and has WG 14 publishing the revision of the C Standard in 2012. It was noted that WG 14 has said that it would wait to be compatible with the detailed decisions of WG 21 in several areas, including threading and attributes. However, it was noted that meeting the C1X schedule could require WG 14 to make some difficult decisions on its own if necessary. It is still true that WG 14 would prefer for WG 21 to finalize those decisions. To review all the decisions WG 14 reached at the Santa Cruz meeting please see N1422 the meeting minutes.