Austin Group Liaison Report

WG 14 Document numberN1407
ProjectProgramming Language C
ReferenceISO/IEC IS 9899:1999
Reply toNick Stoughton
USENIX Association

Aardvark Mk III

The Austin Group has recently introduced a new defect tracking and management system, replacing the old "aardvark" system. Access to this system is freely available to all interested parties, and the Austin Group invites all members of WG 14 to sign up and comment on issues of mutual interest. The system can be found at

Defects may be assigned tags, and the tag "c99" has been reserved for any defect reported that affects a shared interface.

At this point, there are 8 defects with the c99 tag:
Issue NumberDescriptionWG 14 Action Expected?
73wmemcmp C conflict?Yes
74Pointer Types ProblemNo
86asctime rationaleNo
88wcrtomb in wchar.hNo
90fscanf stds contradictionYes
105errno change on successYes?
109mblen() not thread-safeFuture
110memchr input process orderYes?
148unclear return value descriptionNo

Issues marked as not expecting any action from WG 14 are for information only. Others either are blocked in the Austin Group awaiting WG 14 action (73), or indicate a direction that WG 14 should be aware of during its revision process.