Document: N1239
Author: Joseph S. Myers

Proposed wording for DR341, as per the action item from the London meeting. Randy may also produce his own proposal for his part of the action item., insert definitions after paragraph 3:
An array declarator is said to be directly involved in a parameter declaration if it is contained in the nested sequence of declarators or abstract declarators for that parameter declaration, but not in any expression within that parameter declaration.
A parameter declaration is said to be non-defining if it does not declare an identifier for the parameter, or declares an identifier for the parameter with function prototype scope.
Paragraph 4, change
, which can only be used in declarations with function prototype scope
; the array declarator in this case shall be directly involved in a non-defining parameter declaration
Paragraph 5, change
a declaration at function prototype scope
an array declarator directly involved in a non-defining parameter declaration