Rationale to change ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 22 Program of Work for TR 24727 to IS 24747

Document: WG14 N1234
Date: 2007/04/28
Author: Benito

WG14 would like to change the current Program of Work for 24747 from a Type II Technical Report to an International Standard. When the New Work Item SC 22 N3814 was initially balloted at SC 22, in 2004, the Committee did not know of any C-language implementations of the functionality that was listed in the NP. Now, however, this has changed. There are several implementations, complete or under development, all using the functionality that the committee intended to document in Technical Report 24747. Because of this, the WG14 Committee believes it would better serve the community if the work was an International Standard instead of a Technical Report type II.