Doc. No.: WG21/N1946=J16/06-0016
Date: 2006-02-17
Reply to: Clark Nelson
Phone: +1-503-712-8433

Portland meeting information

Intel is pleased to invite the C and C++ standards committees to meet in Portland, Oregon, USA in October of 2006. The exact meeting dates are:

The meeting venue is:

DoubleTree Hotel & Executive Meeting Center
Portland Lloyd Center
1000 NE Multnomah St.
Portland OR 97232
Phone: +1-800-996-0510
Fax: +1-503-284-8553

Please do not make reservations by contacting the hotel directly.

For reservations:

The DoubleTree is about 7 miles from Portland International Airport (PDX), near downtown Portland.

The most convenient way to get from the airport to the hotel is to take Portland's light-rail system (MAX). It is about a 25-minute ride, at a cost of USD 1.95. It would also be practical to rent a car. The hotel has free parking; see their web site for driving directions.

The DoubleTree is also in Portland's Fareless Square, in which public transportation is free. So the heart of downtown Portland is just a 10-minute free train-ride away.

The meeting will be held in the Executive Meeting Center, which is a premium meeting facility, providing:

High-speed Internet access will also be available in all hotel rooms.

The room rate will be USD 135.00 per night; this will include no meals. To obtain that rate, reservations must be made through this web site: Also, the meeting rooms are in a secure area; access is by card-lock. Each attendee will have his own card-key; to ensure this, all meeting attendees must register at this site, including those who will not be staying at the hotel. Please register by September 29.

For those making reservations at the DoubleTree, the web site will ask for a credit card number. Your card will be used only to guarantee your hotel reservation; in particular, the total indicated on the page requesting the card number will not be charged at registration time.

In October in Portland, a typical temperature range is about 64-45°F (18-7°C). Unfortunately, October is the beginning of the rainy season, but heavy rains are very rare in Portland; typical rainfall in October would be less than 0.1 inches per day (2 mm).

If you have any questions, please contact the host:

Clark Nelson <> +1-503-712-8433
2111 NE 25th Ave, JF1-13
Hillsboro OR 97124