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ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG3 - 7 and 8 bit coded character sets


News 2000-10-09: Document register N495 - N512 and documents available.
News 2000-07-13: Preliminary agenda for Athens meeting available.
News 2000-07-01: Document register N485 - N494 available.
News 1999-09-07: Documents N479 - N484 for Copenhagen meeting available.
News 1999-09-09: Document register N454 - N478 available.
News 1999-01-18: Documents from London meeting and beyond available.
News 1998-09-27: Resolutions from London meeting available.

WG3 is a standardization Working Group of the SC2 which is a SubCommittee of JTC1 - a Joint Techical Committee of ISO and IEC.

WG3 works on 7-bit and 8-bit codes and their extensions. Examples of coded character sets made by WG3 are the ISO/IEC 8859 parts and the ISO 6429 coded control character set.

A registry of coded character sets is maintained under WG3 supervision by IPSJ/ITSCJ in the ISO 2375 registry.


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