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ISO/IEC JTC 1 N 5179

DATE: 1998.02.12


DOC TYPE: Meeting Report

TITLE: Final Report of the ISO/IEC JTC 1 Ad Hoc Group on Strategy for Implementing Information Technology, 4-6 February 1998, San Diego, California, USA

SOURCE: JTC 1 Ad Hoc Group on Strategy for Implementing Information Technology


STATUS: For review and consideration at the JTC 1 Sendai Plenary, June 1998.







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JTC 1 N 5179


Final Report of the ISO/IEC JTC 1 Ad Hoc Group on Strategy for Implementing Information Technology

The ISO/IEC JTC 1 Ad Hoc Group on Strategy for Implementing Information Technology met in San Diego, California, US on 4-6 February 1998 as authorized by Resolution 27 of the September 1997 JTC 1 Plenary (JTC 1 N 5018). A list of participants is in Attachment 1. The final agenda is in Attachment 2.

The IT Ad hoc first met in October 1995 and subsequently met in March 1996, September 1996, February 1997 and June 1997. During this time period JTC 1 went from document distribution via paper to electronic document distribution via diskette and finally, beginning in December 1997, document distribution via web server. At this meeting, the ad hoc reviewed the progress of the implementation by JTC 1 National Bodies and Subcommittees and noted a large majority of National Bodies and Subcommittees are using server based distribution. The ad hoc reviewed JTC 1's documentation set for electronic document distribution, a number of contributions from National Bodies and Subcommittees, as well as a number of potential future work items. As a result of this review the following final recommendations were made to JTC 1.

All recommendations were unaminously approved except as noted below.

1. JTC 1 Rapporteur and Rapporteur Group for Implementing Information Technology

Noting that there are outstanding activities related to IT Implementation (e.g., following up the implementation of an electronic balloting system by JTC 1 Secretariat, liaison to ITSIG, gathering of JTC 1 requirements and expertise on cooperative computing and inputs of such experience to ISO TMB) the IT Ad hoc recommends that an IT Implementation Rapporteur Group be created, to assist JTC 1 in its decision making process. This group will coordinate JTC 1 National Body and Subcommittee requirements and positions regarding future information technology implementation issues. The IT Ad hoc notes that Clyde Camp has volunteered to serve as the JTC 1 rapporteur for implementing information technology.

2. JTC 1 participation in ITSIG

The IT Ad hoc notes the invitation of ISO/IEC/ITU IT Strategies Implementation Group (ITSIG) to provide a permanent representative from JTC 1 to ITSIG. The Ad hoc proposes that this representative be the JTC 1 IT Rapporteur (when approved). For the March 1998 ITSIG meeting the IT Ad hoc notes that JTC 1 will be represented by Tom Frost (or his designee) in his capacity as the convener of JTC 1's IT Ad hoc.

3. Request for Extension of Draft Document Availability

The IT Ad hoc notes that the initial 1-year pilot period was too short and the responses too few to draw a general conclusion. However, those responses received were generally favorable and suggested that the pilot should be extended. None of the responding National Bodies or Subcommittees reported any detrimental effects.The IT Ad hoc requests the JTC 1 Secretariat to request ISO and IEC approval to extend the pilot period for draft documents (Working Drafts and Committee Drafts) for another two years.

Specifically JTC 1 should request approval to extend its previous request:
JTC 1 strongly requests that JTC 1 and its reporting committees be granted the authority, by ISO and IEC councils, to continue to make project-related documents (working drafts, committee drafts, etc.), up to but not including the DIS stage, freely available for consultative purposes in an electronic as well as paper form, in order to reflect the realities of IT standardization and the current practice of many successful JTC 1 committees.

4. Performance of JTC 1 Website Server

The IT Ad hoc recommends that ANSI, in response to comments from several National Bodies at this meeting, investigate the relatively slow response time of the JTC 1 website and respond to the IT Ad hoc via email prior to the June 1998 JTC 1 plenary meeting. Additionally, all comments regarding web performance and design should be addressed to Matthew Deane ( for resolution.

5. Password Implementation

The IT Ad hoc recommends, per the JTC 1 web policy, that the JTC 1 Secretariat change the JTC 1 website password effective 1 March 1998. Notification of this password change to the JTC 1 Members should be made via unencrypted email.

6. Links Between ISO and JTC 1 Websites

The IT Ad hoc requests for the JTC 1 website to provide a link to the JTC 1 page of the ISO website and for ISO's page of JTC 1 to have a link to

7. Merging of Tips and Techniques

The IT Ad hoc requests the editor of the Tips and Techniques for JTC 1 Webpages, Keld Simonsen, to incorporate the Electronic Document Tip and Techniques Guide into one document as specified in JTC 1 N 5181.

8. On-Line Balloting
(Abstention - France)

The IT Ad hoc recommends the JTC1 Secretariat implement electronic voting using the following functionality/criteria as a starting point for development. The JTC 1 Secretariat should advise National Bodies and Subcommittees regarding the implementation plan and requirements for use. The criteria below should be taken into consideration as ANSI implements electronic voting by the March 1998 target date identified in JTC 1 N 4796 (IT Strategy and Timeline).

9. Collaborative computing

1. The IT Ad hoc addressed the topic of collaborative computing and forwards document JTC 1 N 3889 for information to the TMB AWG-IT. The IT Ad hoc notes that although the document was prepared in 1996, the basic requirements contained therein are considered still valid. JTC 1 looks forward to working with the AWG-IT in exploring opportunities and capabilities for collaborative computing. The JTC 1 Secretariat should circulate this as document JTC 1 N 5182, Transmittal of IT Ad hoc Recommendation Regarding JTC 1 N 3889 - Collaborative Computing and Standards Development.

2. Noting the report from the Open Group on Requirements for Common Documentation and Comment Submission (JTC 1 N 5177) and the verbal report of the Imaging Business Team's use of collaborative computing tools, the JTC 1 Secretariat is requested to poll National Bodies and Subcommittees for information about their experiences with collaborative computing tools. The JTC 1 Secretariat is also requested to post this request to the JTC 1 homepage with a link to document JTC 1 N 3889, with results to be collated for the June 1998 plenary. Based on the the information gathered, collaborative computing could be the subject of a breakout group at the June 1998 JTC 1 plenary.

10. Other Documents to be Circulated

The IT Ad Hoc requests the JTC 1 Secretariat to circulate the following documents:

To JTC 1 National Bodies and Subcommittees:
JTC 1 N 5183 - Status of Subcommittee website implementation

To JTC 1 Procedures Ad Hoc:
JTC 1 N 5211 - Recommendations for Procedures related to IT implementation

11. Ballot

The JTC 1 IT Ad Hoc requests the JTC 1 Secretariat to circulate the following document for 60 day ballot by JTC 1 to close before the June 1998 JTC 1 Plenary:

JTC 1 N 5180- JTC 1 Policy on Electronic Document Distribution Using the World Wide Web

12. Documentation Set

The IT Ad hoc recommends that JTC 1 and its Subcommittees use the following document set for continuing implementation of information technology within JTC 1. This documentation set should be made available on the JTC 1 homepage.

1. JTC 1 N 5180 - JTC 1 Policy on Electronic Document Distribution Using the World Wide Web (Editor: Clyde Camp)
2. JTC 1 N 4737 - Revised Electronic Document Templates
(Editor: Jean Shildneck)
3. Tips and Techniques Guide for JTC 1 Web Based Distribution (under development)
(Editor: Keld Simonsen)

The Ad Hoc group expressed its appreciation to:

· Tom Frost for his long term commitment and leadership of the JTC 1 IT Implementation Ad hoc.
· the drafting committee, J. Auber, C. Camp, M. Maas.
· ANSI staff for their work on the JTC 1 website.
· NCITS for their demonstration of their on-line balloting system.
· Hewlett - Packard for hosting the meeting, specifically Karen Higginbottom and Janet Deanda.
· the US, specifically, AT&T, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, and the US Department of Defense for the lovely reception.
· T. Frost, Convener and M. Maas, Secretariat.

Attachment 1

Participants in the Meeting of the of the ISO/IEC JTC 1 Ad Hoc Group on Strategy for Implementing Information Technology, San Diego, California, U.S., 4-6 February 1998

Birger Jacobsen (Denmark)
Allan Buchanan (Denmark)
Josée Auber(France)
Masanobu Higashida (Japan)
Bo Viklund (Sweden)
Peter Gibbon (UK)
Clyde Camp (US)
Jennifer Garner (US)
Karen Higginbottom (US)
Jerry Smith (US)

Robert H. Follett (SC 22)

Makoto Ikeda (ISO/CS)

Tom Frost, Convener
Michelle Maas, Secretariat (ANSI, JTC 1 Secretariat Staff)

Attachment 2

JTC 1 N 5178


ISO/IEC JTC 1 Ad Hoc Group on JTC 1 Strategy for Implementing Information Technology

DATES: 4-6 February 1998


Building 65 Cove Room (Conference Area)
Hewlett-Packard Company
16399 West Bernardo Drive
San Diego, California 92127-1899 U.S.

1. Opening of meeting (Mr. Frost) 9:00 am

2. Introduction of Participants

3. Convener's Remarks (Mr. Frost)

3.1 Appointment of Meeting Secretary

3.2 Appointment of Drafting Committee

4. Adoption of Agenda

5. Activities Since 23-26 June 1997 IT Ad Hoc Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

5.1. JTC 1 Plenary Meeting, 9-12 September 1997, Ottawa Resolution 27

5.2 ITSIG Seminar

5.2.1 JTC 1 Liaison to ITSIG

5.3 Pilot of document (Working Draft, Committee Draft) availability

6. Status of IT implementation by JTC 1 National Bodies and Subcommittees

6.1 Status of JTC 1 Website

7. Status of JTC 1 IT documentation

7.1 JTC 1 Policy on Electronic Document Distribution

7.2 Electronic Document Tip and Techniques Guide

7.3 JTC 1 Policy on Electronic Document Distribution Using the World Wide Web

7.4 Tips and Techniques for JTC 1 Webpages

7.5 IT Strategy Timeline

8. Identification of Future Work Items
DOCUMENT: JTC 1 N 4770, JTC 1 N 5177

8.1 Demonstration of electronic balloting

9. Preparation of IT Ad Hoc Final Report to JTC 1

10. Adjournment

Temporary Input Documents Submitted to the Meeting:

San Diego 1 - Request to Modify the Procedures Regarding Electronic Document Distribution
San Diego 2 - Request to Consider IT Aspects of Conducting Meetings
San Diego 3 - Norway Contribution regarding electronic distribution within JTC 1
San Diego 4 - SC 31 Contribution regarding electronic distribution within JTC 1
San Diego 5 - SC 29 Contribution regarding electronic distribution within JTC 1
San Diego 6 - National Body of France Contribution regarding electronic distribution within JTC 1
San Diego 7 - SC 24 Contribution regarding electronic distribution within JTC 1
San Diego 8 - JTC 1 Secretariat request to consider continuation of tab delimited files
San Diego 9 - JTC 1 Secretariat staff contribution regarding new document types to be added to Classification/Type list in Annex D of JTC 1 N 5134
San Diego 10 - SC 31 Contribution regarding electronic distribution within JTC 1